NFL 2015: Fantasy Football IDP Draft Strategy To Remember

Opportunity Cost

It is that time boys and girls, fantasy football draft time.  And so here is what you need to remember for your IDP draft.


This is the simplest and the one that everyone forgets or thinks is too remedial to worry about.  But you have to know the scoring system your league is following!   This will determine who is going to help your team and who is spending time taking up useless space.

And once you know the scoring your league employs, know the defense the NFL team plays.  If a team has a 3-4 defensive scheme, then target the outside linebackers.  Defensive linemen and inside linebackers on a 3-4 scheme get tackles but not much more.  And we all know we look for more, always.

If the team employs a 4-3 scheme, the defensive ends and middle linebackers are your men.  In a 4-3 scheme the defensive ends have the best opportunity for sacks.  The middle linebackers become a tackling machine.

Here are the most likely defensive schemes for each NFL team.

AFC East                                                                                                                                   AFC North

Buffalo Bills: Multiple schemes the front leans towards a 3-4     Baltimore Ravens: Multiple lean towards 3-4

New England Patriots: 4-3                                                                   Cincinnati Bengals: 4-3

Miami Dolphins: 4-3                                                                              Cleveland Browns: Multiple lean towards 3-4

New York Jets: 4-3                                                                                  Pittsburgh Steelers: 3-4

AFC South                                                                                                                                AFC West

Houston Texans:  3-4                                                                             Denver Broncos: 3-4

Indianapolis Colts: 3-4                                                                           Kansas City Chiefs: 3-4

Jacksonville Jaguars: 4-3                                                                       Oakland Raiders; 4-3

Tennessee Titans: 3-4 with some multiple                                         San Diego Chargers: 3-4

NFC East                                                                                                                                   NFC North

Dallas Cowboys: 4-3 (Tampa-2)                                                            Chicago Bears:3-4

New York Giants: 4-3                                                                               Detroit Lions: 4-3

Philadelphia Eagles: 3-4                                                                          Green Bay Packers: 3-4

Washington: 3-4                                                                                        Minnesota Vikings: 4-3

NFC South                                                                                                                              NFC West

Atlanta Falcons: 4-3                                                                                 Arizona Cardinals: 3-4

Carolina Panthers: 4-3 some multiple                                                 St. Louis Rams: 4-3 with some multiple

New Orleans Saints: multiple front and 4-3                                       San Francisco 49ers: 3-4

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:4-3                                                                    Seattle Seahawks: 4-3

And remember nothing trumps talent.  When drafting IDP it is sometimes better to find that individual talent on a bad defense, ’cause you know he is going to be on the field ALOT.

Here are top five for your IDP draft thanks to fantasypros:

Top 5 IDP Players

JJ Watt  Houston DE1

Lavonte David Tampa Bay LB1

Luke Kuechly Carolina LB2

Robert Quinn St Louis DE2

CJ Mosley Baltimore LB3

Top 5 Linebackers

Lavonte David, Tampa Bay

Luke Kuechly, Carolina

CJ Mosley, Baltimore

Navorro Bowman, San Francisco

Bobby Wagner, Seattle

Top 5 Defensive Line

JJ Watt, Houston

Robert Quinn, St. Louis

Chandler Jones, New England

Calais Campbell, Arizona

Everson Griffen, Minnesota

As always good luck and stay tuned for your IDP needs!

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