Dynasty Football: Joseph Randle and Nelson Agholor Have Arrived

Joseph Randle

NFC East

You can always depend on the NFC West to provide piles of fantasy points, and it’s pretty amazing Joseph Randle is in that discussion this year. The division should take another leap forward as the Cowboys likely depend on the offense more this year, and the Giants get a full season with Ben McAdoo and Odell Beckham Jr. Chip Kelly is going all in on himself and his system, and we should expect to use 2014 data as a baseline from a pace standpoint. The only wildcard in this division is once again the Washington Redskins. There is only up from here, right?


Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have one of the best run-blocking offensive lines in the league. According to FootballOutsiders.com, The Cowboys ranked 1st in Adjusted Line Yards, 2nd in Power Ranking, 2nd in Second Level, and 2nd in Open-Field. While this does not guarantee the same level of success this year, you want to be a part of this run game. I do not think it’s crazy to pay for Joseph Randle, the Underwear Bandit in redraft this year, and I do not have a problem with a dynasty team making a push to get his production at a pretty cheap cost. Sure, you can sell him while the chips are stacked high. Unless you find a package up deal, I’d rather keep him vs. obtaining the 2nd or 3rd round pick he’s worth today.  For what it’s worth, I don’t think there is a chance the Cowboys don’t address the backfield situation prior to next season, but I will gladly take discounted production today.

I like Cole Beasley a bit as a nice waiver grab and potential PPR WR3 some weeks with even more consistency that Terrance Williams, but I think the love is also getting a little too high. I’ve never seen anybody get more excited about pumping up a guy that has plenty of 4-43 game lines. This isn’t to discount him, just don’t get caught in a trap of overvaluing him.


New York Giants

Rueben Randle was exposed last year as a guy that needs another guy to be better than him for him to be any good, if that makes sense. HAving said that, I like when this happens because we know what we are working with. Working with Randle is a good discounted way to get WR2 production with Touchdown potential at the same time. This is how market inefficiencies are born. He’s now a good value for a guy that can realistically get 8 targets a game.

I’d rather have Rashad Jennings than Shane Vereen in the short-term — give me the guy that has the definitive role in the offense.  This also allows you to pair him with a cheap guy like Andre Williams, who simply did not look good last year. If the offensive line can begin to gel under Ben McAdoo, Williams is a much better runner when he gets an open lane and gets in the open field. He is not a bad high variance late round guy that can be had for next to nothing right now. Jennings hasn’t been able to stay healthy, but it’s not like Vereen has been a model for healthy living, either. Tom Coughlin also isn’t Bill Belichick, so I don’t see him building schemes for Vereen anymore than having Vereen step into the current system. I do think Vereen will have great games being deployed where Peyton Hillis was on the past, but good luck figuring out which games it will be.


Philadelphia Eagles

Nelson Agholor can’t be any good if for no other reason other than I can’t seem to remember how to spell his name. For this reason alone, I hope he flames out. Kidding aside, he’s the new thing in Philadelphia. With the emphasis of Chips Kelly’s system being the system, I find it troubling that many think the new guy can catch up right off the bat and be more valuable than Jordan Matthews. The narrative is that Matthews is the slot receiver because he plays inside.

Volume is a good thing in this offense, and the fact that Matthews will line up inside doesn’t mean this is a bad thing. Matthews is the guy to own, especially if he’s being valued less. With that said, I like Agholor a little bit less, but he is certainly a nice way to get a piece of the Eagles’ high paced action. DeMarco Murray still has an excellent line to run behind, and the Eagles run a ton of snaps. Even if Ryan Mathews takes 1/3 of the drives, Murray should still flirt with 300 total touches and be a shoe-in for RB1 status this year.


Washington Redskins

The Redskins have an interesting situation on their hands from a contractual perspective. This could very well be a make or break year for the team. Overthecap.com has some interesting nuggets. I’m not saying this will happen, but if things don’t turn around, Robert Griffin can be cut in 2016 for a savings of 16.15MM with zero in dead money. Pierre Garcon, as an aging receiver, could potentially be cut for 8MM in cap savings with only 2.2MM in dead money. Lastly, DeSean Jackson’s 2016 mark is 8MM with only 1.25MM in dead money. All of this,  in addition to Alfred Morris being a free agent next year, (Matt Jones put your gear on) means that we can begin to see the early end to a shattered regime that could not get things turned around.

I’m no GM, but there’s a possibility this team begins a large overhaul if things don’t change this season. Having said all this, market inefficiencies are abound here and these receivers are coming at an extreme value right now. The problem is that Griffin is one hit away from sending this offense back into an anemic state of fantasy nothingness. Destiny is looking the Redskins in the eye, and its name is Jay Cutler. CAUTION: Extreme Hot Take.


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