Young Seahawk ready to take flight: Kevin Pierre-Louis 2015 IDP Breakout

Kevin Pierre-Louis was taken in the 4th round of the 2014 NFL Draft out of Boston College and coaches were impressed with what they saw by KPL. In the off-season he was being coached by Linebackers Coach Ken Norton, who isn’t too shabby himself at the position. Pierre-Louis was having a rough start but continued to push and learn as he also had Wagner and Wright as mentors.

Pierre-Louis had a rough rookie season (as any rookie would) but didn’t get any snaps until week 6 where he played MLB (Middle) for a handful of snaps then moved to WLB (Weak-side) for a few games and saw his highest snap count: 42 of 69 against the Giants. He racked up 5 tackles and got 3 stops, he posted a 2.8 coverage rating through six games before his season was cut short in week 11 from an injury. It’s not mind-blowing numbers but he got some snaps in and has had a strong off-season in 2015, because big things are coming!

Fast forward to 2015 and Pierre-Louis has added strength to be more physical at the point of attack as he’ll more than likely see his playing time at SLB (Strong-Side).  He brings quickness and athleticism to the defense and is a natural in coverage, so some would think he’d be perfect for the WLB spot but that belongs to KJ Wright. With Malcolm Smith leaving the Seahawks for the Raiders, it was written in the stars that Pierre-Louis time was now as starting SLB; Bruce Irvin is having his own contract issues and could be his last year there. During OTAs and mini-camp Pierre-Louis has been getting first team reps at SLB and that can only build his confidence as he gets comfortable because he’s going to have to be versatile. A healthy Malcolm Smith saw at least 600 snaps in a season, Pierre-Louis played 83 snaps last year so he’ll definitely get a major boost and he’ll have to be up to the task.



IDP IMPACT:  KPL is a solid dynasty stash right now, if you have the roster space to do so.  He’s going to be worth the wait (like KJ Wright was) and he’ll work his way into becoming a 3-down LB due to his coverage ability. If any injury where to happen to Wagner or Wright, KPL’s value will get a nice boost, keep that in mind. His going rate right now is pretty much free in any draft, high possibility of grabbing him with any of your last 3 picks in a start-up or he could even be on your waivers. If KPL gets anywhere near 600-630 snaps, this the type of numbers you should expect to see  65-80 total tackles, 2-3 sacks, 4 PD’s and that my friends is a nice stat line for a breakout candidate in 2015, GO GET ‘EM! (I’ve already got him stashed in 4 leagues, do the same.)


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