Dynasty Football: Jeremy Maclin and Roy Helu Help you Mine Value in the AFC West

dynasty football

AFC West

The AFC West brings a wide array of dynasty football assets, and there are plenty of questions that will be answered this year. Does Peyton Manning have enough left in the tank to make one more push, and will C.J. Anderson keep a strong hold on that backfield? Will Travis Kelce break out to the point at which he is being valued in Kansas City, or will the offense as a whole continue to suppress his production? Just how bad are the Oakland Raiders, and will the team performance degrade the rushing production to a point that has Latavius Murray overvalued? We know that Melvin Gordon is going to bring a missing element to the run game in San Diego, but just how will this passing attack shake out?


Denver Broncos

C.J. Anderson is really getting a bad rap in dynasty leagues.  What else does a guy have to do to get some love at this point? He worked his way off the cheeseburgers last off-season and up the depth chart, took over the job with a little help from roster injury, but he’s still going to be a focal point of this offense. He should be valued in the mid-top first round from a rookie point of view, but I haven’t been able to get that price in trades for him, so he stays. Obtaining Montee Ball is a cheap way to guarantee the running back production in this backfield. While things get more difficult after the wheels fall of Peyton Manning, it really just ensures there is a volume play there after this year for a guy that doesn’t have much tread on the tires. I’m still holding out hope for Cody Latimer. You can’t get a 1st rounder for him, and it’s not like we expected him to produce last year anyhow. The WR3 in this offense isn’t going to be relevant in this offense, but this is still an inexpensive long-term play.


Kansas City Chiefs

It’s pretty funny that Ourlads.com actually has De’Anthony Thomas listed as a starting Wide Receiver as of this article heading into August, but don’t be fooled. It shouldn’t take long for the team to elevate Chris Conley out of pure necessity. Here’s another guy that I always fall for based on pure athleticism, yet he doesn’t have a lick of production at the collegiate level. Looks like Tarzan, plays like, well, yeah. The guy is a potential beast. I suppose I’ve just been burned by these guys too much in the past and my opinion is rather slanted. He can take anyone over the top, but will Alex Smith get him the ball over the top? The bottom line here is that he’s cheap enough to take a chance on him unlike <gulp> Stephen Hill when he entered the league.

I’ll kick the tires on him. Albert Wilson is a stout little man himself, and I think he will press for early playing time. The play here, however, is to hope for early production and package him up. He just doesn’t profile as a guy that is going to be consistent enough to make a play as an elevated wide receiver for your dynasty teams.

On the 7th day, God created Travis Kelce. At only half a year younger than Rob Gronkowski, he plays at an efficiency level that is very close to that of “Gronk’s.” Kelce is the dynasty arbitrage play on Gronkowski and should be targeted heavily for your teams.

Jeremy Maclin is a bargain bin receiver right now. His quarterback isn’t great for fantasy football, and he’s coming from a much more desirable location. But Maclin is going to earn the most receiver targets in this offense and will be able to help product points for you when all is said and done. If you find yourself in a pinch from a depth perspective, I wouldn’t be against adding him to a roster as he doesn’t come with much shine that is going to spike his asking price of his owner.


Oakland Raiders

Latavius Murray is in a goofy spot this year. From a market value perspective, anyone that was trying to trade him was looking to get into the 1.8-1.10 rookie pick range to take his chances on the likes of Ameer Abdullah or Tevin Coleman, but the owners of those picks also valued those guys just a little bit more. I’m still hopeful for Murray as an athletically gifted talent, but there are question marks here, and the Raiders seem to think so as well. They brought in the one whose name should not be mentioned in addition to Roy Helu.

I really hope Helu gets a chance to at least get 3rd down duty consistently. Helu earned 10.84 YPT last year and 5.4 YPC. I don’t understand the stigma that is the NFL sometimes. He comes without draft clout, so he doesn’t get his chance to shine. According to ProFootballFocus.com, Helu had 0.51 points per opportunity last year, good for 10th in the league. Just give him the opportunity! He may find it this year, as there is a strong possibility that the Raiders find themselves in negative game scripts more often than not, thus, potentially capping the work-load that Murray receives and slants a little in favor of Helu.


San Diego Chargers

There’s finally a little bit of Ladarius Green love poking through the surface again. Yes, Antonio Gates is still there, yet we know better than to bet against him (or his natural performance enhancers). For some reason I still cannot figure out, the Chargers decided that snaps were better given to Eddie Royal last year. With Royal gone, there’s actually a better than outside chance that Green gets those routes this year and gets a little bit of sunlight. With Antonio Gates suspended for the first 4 games this year, it will be interesting to see if Green can compel additional snaps after his return. Steve Johnson is probably the cheapest San Diego Charger Wide Receiver you want to target, and his usage in the short-term will likely spike during Gates’ suspension.

Dontrelle Inman flashed late last year in the playoffs but is still unproven. Titus Davis will be a project, and Malcom Floyd is almost dead. All signs point toward Keenan Allen having a bounce back year. He just wasn’t right last year health-wise, so expect him to get back on the same page with Philip Rivers. I do think that Johnson, however, will somewhat limit the ceiling of Allen, as Johnson’s presence on the field will demand higher target share than that of Royal in the past.

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