Questionable Dynasty Trade Offers, And How To Deal With Them

Do you have league mates who don’t understand how to construct a fair trade? Or, do they simply overvalue their players because they are… Well, their players? Sometimes it’s a combination of both, or neither. That particular owner just may not “get it.”

Obviously everyone wants to win any trade they make, but realistically you need to be looking for a deal that is seen as fair to both sides. Even with that said, there will forever be a battle between good/fair trade offers, counters, awful trade offers, and even worse counter offers. Here are some ways on how to deal with those people:

1. Simple Reject – This one is the easiest and least controversial. Simply click that reject button, and if you’re nice you will even leave a little note letting them know you aren’t interested, and why.

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2. Realistic Counter – This option, for me, is the most common. Very rarely will a trade come into my inbox that I won’t counter, at the very least. Countering the original offer with the type of value you would expect is nothing more than common courtesy, just to let the other owner know where you are at value wise. Sometimes this can open up legitimate trade talks, and sometimes the other owner was just trolling and hoping you’d click the wrong button.

3. The Sarcastic Counter – This option is probably my favorite, but could potentially be detrimental to certain relationships within a league. I hear of this quite often, and sometimes it may not be the correct response to send back an equally bad offer. But, if someone offers up Justin Hunter, Trent Richardson, and a 2017 3rd round pick for your Julio Jones and Eddie Lacy, you aren’t going to accept… Ever. Your next move is to offer up the players they’re interested in, for their entire team and all of their picks (assuming that all of that is a ridiculous overpay). This can go one of two ways: “I get it man, that was a bad offer.” Or, “don’t be such a [email protected]$$!” Either way, your message has been sent.

4. No Response – This is absolutely my least favorite, and truly shouldn’t be considered unless the trade offers have become a form of harassment. There is also a big difference between not responding due to inactivity and carelessness, and not responding due to awful trade offers being sent. Again, this is your last resort. You don’t want to be the “inactive” guy.

5. Tell Them How You Feel – This one goes beyond even responding (or not responding) to the trade offer within the site. When it gets to this point, it has almost become personal. I’ve had guys send me countless offers that nobody in their right mind would accept. No matter what I did, they would just keep sending these offers. This is a rare scenario, but I handled it the only way I could to get through. Tell them exactly how you feel about the garbage they send you. Make sure they understand that you will never accept, and if they want to have real trade negotiations, then you can talk. Never be afraid to stand your ground.

So, the next time someone sends you a bad trade offer, feel free to try any of these options. Some of you probably already do, which is great… You’re smarter than most.

Thanks for reading, and happy trading!




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