I’m Not Drafting RG3

Robert Griffin III

This is the article I didn’t want to write. I don’t believe in Robert Griffin III.

I am a Redskins fan. I’ve been a Redskins fan since they were winning Super Bowls. Yes, they used to win Super Bowls.

I grew up watching Mark Rypien throw to Art Monk. The Hogs were a venerated part of my hall of heroes. It’s in my blood, and there’s no changing that.

But since then, two decades of terrible football, terrible management, and terrible decisions have left me beleaguered and beaten down. Losing is the new normal.

So when the Redskins had the opportunity to mortgage their future to draft the young quarterback from Baylor, I was all in. They had to do it.

The team hadn’t had a reliably good quarterback in years. The ethos of the team had gone to the dogs, and the fan base needed hope. The kid’s knee was supposedly fine, and Lord knows the potential he flashed. It was time. I backed the trade, even as most mocked.

I loved every minute of that rookie season, that unforgettable fall of 2012. What couldn’t RG3 do?

Then it ended.

RG3 Knee InjuryRG3 Knee Injury 2







Not with a bang, but with a whimper.

Our hero. Our hope. He lay defeated on that terrible patchwork field of mud and Bermuda.

And nothing has been the same since. RG3 dislocated his ankle and disabused us of our hope. Redskins fans no longer see that shining star that briefly reminded them of better days.

The 2015 Fantasy Season

All that to say that I am more than just a little biased when it comes to ranking Robert Griffin III. I do my best to provide reasoned, objective analysis, but I should admit my predilections up front.

When Don Davenport, whose opinion I respect, writes that we should give RG3 another chance, part of me wants to believe. For myself. And for Griffin.

That said, I am out. There is nearly no downside to drafting RG3, QB26 in recent MFL10 bestball drafts, but I can rarely bring myself to pull even that trigger.

Reports and speculation are all over the map. Various anonymous executives say things like, “He is done. … [H]is ego will not allow him to hit rock bottom and actually grind his way back up the right way.”

ESPN has writers saying that if RG3 is going to rebound, it won’t be with the Redskins. Even the beat reporters are questioning whether Griffin has the mental fortitude to return to top form.

As for statistics, the RotoViz Career Graphs app shows that RG3 couldn’t keep up with either of the backup quarterbacks in efficiency last season:

Redskins QBsIn seven full games last season under a new coach, Griffin never passed for more than one touchdown in a game, and he struggled to lead the team down the field. Although Coach Jay Gruden is saying there is no quarterback competition this time around, I’m not willing to bank on it.

At this point, I see nothing to suggest this year will be different than last, and it’s devastating to admit.

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