What Does It Take to Win the Scott Fish Bowl?

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2014 Scott Fish Bowl Logo

Have you been following the Scott Fish Bowl this year? On Twitter, you can find it with the hashtag #SFB360. It is a massive 360-team fantasy football league, with its own unique set of rules. Teams start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, and 1 TE, but then there is a superflex spot and three more flex spots. Additionally, you receive 0.25 points per carry.

Last year, the league had 240 teams, and I went back to see how those teams did and what it took to create a winning team. The first chart shows all 240 teams, graphed by their regular season point totals (y-axis) and regular season wins (x-axis). It was a 12-game regular season.

SFB 2014 Wins to Points

There is a strong correlation between wins and points scored, to the tune of an r-squared value of 0.502. In normal English, the more points you score, the better your odds of getting wins. That tracks what you would expect, given that your head-to-head wins are based solely on your point totals versus your opponent’s point totals. More is always better.

But in a league this big, the real prizes go to the teams that are strong in the playoffs. What does it take to make it to the finals? The next chart shows the same values, but I selected only the 40 teams that made it to the conference finals.

SFB 2014 Wins and Points for Conference Finalist Teams

We can see a very clear points floor. Only one team scored fewer than 1700 points in the regular season, and he scored 1698.67. The majority of the teams scored more than 2000 points.

As you might expect, wins take on no importance once you make the playoffs. It’s win-or-go-home, and no one cares how you did in the regular season. Teams with five and six wins made the finals, along with several ten- and eleven-win teams.

How about the big question? What does it take to win? I isolated the top five finishers out of all 240 that competed. Those top five, in worsening order of finish, were Ryan McKee, Geronimo Colon, George Guerra, Jeff Merino-Ott, and Kent Dougall. Here were their regular season totals.

SFB 2014 Wins and Points for Top Five Teams

At least last season, if you want to have a shot to win the big prize, the championship, you need a team that can put up 2000 points in the regular season. That means you need to average at least 167 points per game. Can you do it?

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As a final note, if you aren’t participating this year, you should absolutely sign up for 2016. And follow the league’s creator, Scott Fish, on Twitter.


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