Well it is officially here despite being a split in popularity with mainstream sports fans. Yes thats right, Daily Fantasy Nascar is finally on Draftkings. For a few years now many have been wanting this and we finally will get our first taste of this new Daily Fantasy sport this weekend. I will admit I am not a NASCAR expert but I have watched a good amount of races in the past few years so I know how the sport works. Not to mention I LOVE jumping into new Daily Fantasy sports especially ones that are a bit of a niche. That being said I have already noticed a few things that look to be helpful as we build our first ever lineups for Daily Fantasy NASCAR. Start Your Engines!

While you might think this is as easy as throwing in your favorite drivers, there is much more to it. So the first thing you will want to do is get familiar with the Draftkings scoring system for NASCAR. The first thing i noticed is that it kind of reminded me of Daily Fantasy PGA, and MMA in that the finish is ultimately what matters, but there other factors that of course can add even more points. Those include laps lead and fastest lap. Let’s first look at how to help predict a finish. While its nearly impossible the best thing I know to do is look at past race history at the race tracks. Similar to PGA it seems like drivers can have better performances consistently at certain tracks. I will be usingdriveraverages.com for this info. Once you get that info, start looking at info such as qualifying times, which driver has the pole as well as how the rest of the field lays out. Also try and pay attention to any headlines from practices and qualifying you can find. I will be using jayski.com for this info. Once you have gathered all that info just start plugging in guys you like based on salary and maybe even using Vegas odds. Just like any other DFS sport, you most likely will have to take a few underdog drivers so make sure to put in the work to know some of them.

All that being said I think the best thing you could do is simply pay attention to any NASCAR info coming out, and use any and all resources you can find. Remember pretty much everyone will be on an even playing field this weekend as it is a first for Draftkings. This will be a big feeling out process for everyone playing this weekend, so just know that heading into your contests and try and have some fun.

If you don’t have a Draftkings account yet you can sign up here, and follow me on twitter to ask me any questions. Best of luck this weekend!


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