Angle of Pursuit: Tevin Coleman

Tevin Coleman

Tevin Coleman – Indiana University

Height: 5’11”    Weight: 206

Comp: DeMarco Murray

Dennis’ Scouting Notes


  • Explosive play specialist
  • He has soft hands out of the backfield
  • A+ in pass protection
  • A very intense runner always moving north/south
  • Violent runner who loves to lower the boom
  • Excellent long speed to out run the angle of pursuit
  • His production didn’t take a dip versus higher competition
  • Adds an element in kick returns


  • Can be frustrating from a fantasy standpoint if he doesn’t become a more complete back
  • He seems like a week-to-week boom or bust player
  • Seems get tackled instead of mowing over defenders

Dennis Digs Deeper:

Led the FBS is explosive plays including 10 TDs of 20+ yds and 6 of 50+ yds. This might be a bit of a concern at the next level where the fence is deeper and the walls are much higher. Imagine the outfield dimensions of Petco Park along with the Green Monster at Fenway as the entire outfield wall (not just left field). This creates a park where even the best sluggers struggle to go yard. Coleman is definitely a home-run hitter. I could see a lot of frustration when he doesn’t get a hold of one as often as he did in college. With that being said, I definitely think there is a role in the NFL for Coleman. I could see him making one helluva Lighting in the Thunder/Lighting backfield. I see a ton of upside with an explosive player like Coleman.

Kyle’s Instant Evaluation

Tevin Coleman is a part-time prospect for me. He has fantastic speed and can run away from defenders. He has tight hips that concern me at the next level. I worry he won’t be able to produce consistently in the NFL. I feel like he will overuse his speed and not practice patience. He will try and extend runs and become the current version of Chris Johnson.


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