Angle of Pursuit: Mike Davis

Mike Davis

Mike Davis – University of South Carolina

Height: 5’9″ Weight: 217

Comp: Maurice Jones-Drew

Dennis’ Scouting Notes


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  • Davis is a cinder block of running back
  • Built low to the ground
  • Has a great blend of speed and power
  • Excellent agility, spin moves, and stop/start ability.
  • He has nice burst through the hole and the ability to find a crease into the second level, while not a home rum hitter per se, he has shown the ability to break off long runs 5 runs of 40+ yards to be exact.


  • Ability to stay healthy
  • Production drop from 2013 to 2014
  • Part time player

Dennis Digs Deeper:

Davis wasn’t quite the same back in 2014 as he was in 2013. He seemed to be banged up most of last season. I think part of that is his incredible 2013 campaign where he seemed to leave it all on the field. This is something to consider when you think about the longevity of his career. His teammate Jadeveon Clowney had a similar backslide, unlike Davis who looked like a possible 1st round pick, Clowney’s draft stock didn’t take nearly the hit Davis’ did.

Davis has some Maurice Jones-Drew to his game. He is a reliable pass catcher out of the backfield. I don’t know he has the health to be a three-down back, but I do think he possesses the skills to be one. He definitely needs to work on pass pro and not always go for the chop block. Ball security has been an issue at times.

Kyle’s Instant Evaluation

Mike Davis is a prospect that had scouts and NFL people excited after 2013 season. His final season in Columbia his production took a noticeable drop. Depleted talent around him and injuries may be the cause of at least part of the slip in production. He is a nice supplemental back that pairs well with a speedy back.


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