Angle of Pursuit: Cameron Artis-Payne

Cameron Artis-Payne

Cameron Artis-Payne – Auburn University

Height: 5’08”    Weight: 218

Comp: C.J. Anderson

Dennis’ Scouting Notes


  • He has excellent lateral agility
  • Has a knack for finding the creases
  • Nice power
  • Always keeps his legs churning
  • Makes cuts like a chainsaw
  • Excellent vision
  • Always keeps his eyes on the second level
  • Has a great feel for beating defenders by using their momentum against them
  • Plays with great awareness
  • Has made a career exploiting creases in defense and ability to jolt through to the second level


  • He is a bit old for a rookie, but has little wear and tear
  • He is limited in pass pro
  • May struggle to hit the corner
  • May have issues out running defenders
  • Not overly powerful

Dennis Digs Deeper

Was very productive once he took the starting role after Tre Mason turned pro led the SEC  with 1,608 yards and 13 TDs. He is a small compact runner who disappears behind a massive offensive line and pops out to daylight. He thrived in Auburn’s up-tempo offense which is a plus when considering how many NFL teams run a similar tempo.

Kyle’s Instant Evaluation

Cameron Artis-Payne is an interesting prospect. He is seemingly undersized and not an exceptional athlete. Landing spot will make a big difference for Artis-Payne. He will need an offensive line that can create some push. He will also need a consistent opportunity to prove he can succeed at the next level.


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