Daily Fantasy Basketball Playbook -3/23

Pau Gasol

Six games tonight in the daily fantasy basketball world. I got some picks wrong on Friday, so I’m going to do my best to make up for it tonight. Let’s get to it! As always, m prices are according to DraftKings.

Point Guard
Kemba Walker ($7,000) – I like this pick a little less now that Jimmy Butler is back, but I am a firm believer in not worrying about guys in their first game back. Walker has been playing over 30 minutes a game and almost averaging 40 fantasy points over the last few games. I like him as an alternative play from Curry.
Zach LaVine ($4,900) – Maybe some of the Bruin magic will rub off on LaVine if he gets the start tonight. The only way I’d feel comfortable playing him is if Rubio sits again with a bum ankle. LaVine has proven he can make things happen when he’s on the court, so hopefully he can do just that because it will not take much for him to hit value.

Shooting Guard
James Harden ($11,200) – I don’t care what you think, if you’re not starting James Harden then you obviously don’t like winning and are doing DFS wrong

Small Forward
Andrew Wiggins ($6,300) – I’m not crazy about Wigging tonight, but his ceiling is what keeps dragging me back to him. I know the Jazz have been the best team in basketball since the All-Star break, but they are going to have a hard time keeping up with his length. Add the fact that Gordon Hayward may be out and Wiggins gets the nod in my lineups this evening. Speaking of which…
Rodney Hood ($4,700) – I’m only making this move if Hayward is out tonight and you desperately want to save some cash in a GPP. Hood has shown that he can get hot and make things happen on the court for fantasy owners, but he has also shown that he can ruin your night in DFS. It’s a high risk, high reward play, but one that I would be okay with solely because the small forward position is so terrible.

Power Forward
Derrick Favors ($7,800) – I think Favors is going to have over a 70% own rate tonight in games, but that is mostly because he’s got a great price tag and a safe play. Favors has slowed down some because of Rudy Gobert setting the world on fire, but he should do enough tonight to hit value.
Pau Gasol ($8,300) – Gasol is another guy that will be highly owned tonight. Similar to Favors, he’s one of the only guys I feel comfortable playing tonight because I know what I am going to get from him. With so many lower tier guys available, it gets difficult in DFS to see around the smoke and see who’s actually worth using. Using Pau isn’t a decision you have to second guess about, and that’s half the battle right there.

Marc Gasol ($7,500) – I like the whole Memphis team tonight, but that’s mostly because they are playing the Knicks. There is a blowout potential, but nothing that I think would hinder Gasol from not hitting around value. The Knicks are so terrible it really doesn’t matter how much playing time Gasol gets.
Brook Lopez ($6,500) – It’s more about the matchup than anything tonight for me with Lopez. The Celtics are not very good against big men and Lopez has been riding a nice little hot streak lately. He’s averaged almost 40 fantasy points over the last five games. With a juice matchup like this, I expect him to


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