Daily Fantasy NBA Playbook: 02/10/2015

Pau Gasol

It’s another NBA Tuesday and another Daily Fantasy Playbook!  Tonight’s 5 game slate has some solid elite options and some very intriguing midrange plays.  We’ve got some decent value plays too to help fit who you want.  I didn’t write him up but James Harden is of course in play, especially after last game.  As always, any FP and $ mentions are based on DraftKings’ scoring and pricing.    Let’s go win some money.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (SG) | Detroit Pistons | $3900
-KCP is not consistent by any means but he does tend to perform in the right matchups. Tonight he gets the Hornets who have been 24th against SGs over the last 3 weeks, their worst defended position over that span. Caldwell-Pope is also coming off of a solid game (25.75FP) against Minnesota just last two nights ago. When he gets the minutes he usualy performs and the chance of getting hot from 3 is always there. He’s more than just a cap relief play as his upside is always very nice.

Gerald Henderson (SG) | Charlotte Hornets | $5100
-Henderson has taken the opportunity given to him and ran with it. Injuries in Charlotte have forced them to play Henderson 30+ minutes in 7 of their last 10 games. While his price is slowly beginning to creep up, I still like him to hit value tonight at $5,100. He’s had 29+ FP in 4 straight games. Vegas says this is going to be a close game (Charlotte 2pt favorite) and I believe it. The Hornets will need Henderson tonight if they are going to win this game.

Jarrett Jack (PG) | Brooklyn Nets | $6800
– I don’t like anyone from the Nets tonight but to stick with the theme of the article (one guy from each team), Jarrett Jack is the most intriguing to me. Memphis is actually in the top 3 vs every position but PG over the last 3 weeks. Against PGs they are 16th. Jack has been playing great and it’s clear that Brooklyn has decided he’ll be the starter for the year. He’s going to give you a little bit of everything and if his shot’s falling, it can lead to a big night. Again, I don’t LOVE this play tonight but if you want to go a different route at PG, there’s a lot worse options than Jarrett Jack.

Tony Allen (SF) | Memphis Grizzlies | $3100
-Tony Allen seems to always find a way to hit value or come very close. At such a cheap price, it’s very hard for me to not play him. Coming off a 21.75FP game vs a tough Hawks team, Allen is one of the best ways to save money tonight. The Nets are 24th against SFs in the last 3 weeks. While Allen doesn’t light the world on fire with his offense, his defense is a necessity and guarantees him 25 minutes a night.

Trevor Ariza (SF) | Houston Rockets | $5700
-As long as Dwight Howard is out, Trevor Ariza is relevant for DFS. Meeting value in 4 straight games, 31+ FP in all 4 as well, Ariza has become basically the second option after Harden. He’s averaging 38.5 minutes over this 4 game span and tonight is going to be high scoring, high paced, close game. I think Ariza is under the radar and a potentially sneaky play. Small forward is never fun when LeBron, Durant, Melo, and Gay are all not playing so most people will likely punt this spot (perhaps with Tony Allen?). If you’re looking to zig while everyone zags, Ariza might be your guy.

Markieff Morris (PF) | Phoenix Suns | $5800
-Morris has been pretty disappointing lately so this is purely a tournament play. The fact that Vegas has this game within 2 points and going for 216 points, SOMEBODY needs to score for Phoenix. My money is on Markieff. All the signs are there for a big game. Houston has been awful against power forwards over the last 3 weeks, ranking 28th in FPPGA to the position. Markieff obviously has the green light to shoot the ball, taking 18 shots per game over his last 4 and his minutes aren’t wavering despite the shaky play. This is one of those plays that I REALLY want to recommend for cash games but just can’t do it.

DeMarcus Cousins (C) | Sacramento Kings | $10500 [NOTE: writing this as if Rudy Gay is out]
-I wasn’t going to write up Cousins because he’s an obvious elite play versus any opponent but I just simply can’t get behind anyone else from the Kings. Vegas is saying this game won’t be close (Chicago 10pt favorite) but I fail to see how Cousins still doesn’t have a solid game with the Kings’ lack of any other options. He’s literally all they will have. I have a feeling this game will get out of hand early but 3 quarters of Boogie is better than 4 quarters of A LOT of other players. I can’t blame you if you want to pay for him but temper you’re expectations and put some safer players around him.

Pau Gasol (PF) | Chicago Bulls | $9400
-Gasol is going to get a double-double. Gasol is going to be one of the highest scoring players of the night. The matchup is fantastic and he’s had ridiculous games against tougher teams. Pau has been without question, a top 5 DFS play this year in terms of consistency. While Chicago is a 10pt favorite tonight, this will only be a blowout if Gasol is going off, which he has been and will probably do again. Stop asking questions and just play Gasol tonight.

Ty Lawson (PG) | Denver Nuggets | $8000
-Lawson has averaged 41FPPG in 2 games versus the Lakers this season. Honestly, that might be his floor because the Lakers are HORRIBLE. I know the Nuggets aren’t great either but the Lakers are FAVORED in this game. That’s absurd. When Ty Lawson is the most expensive PG on the night at $8,000, you know it’s going to be a weird night. There are a couple other guys for a little cheaper you can go with but none with the ceiling of Lawson in my opinion.

Ed Davis (PF) | Los Angeles Lakers | $4900
-This is kind of a toss-up between Davis & Carlos Boozer but Davis a little bit cheaper so we’ll focus on him. 36.25FP against Cleveland on Sunday and a 20 rebound game less than a week ago, he’s going to have some people on him just by looking at box scores. His minutes are fairly consistent and he’s getting a great matchup tonight against Denver. The Nuggets have been the 2nd worst team in the NBA against the PF spot over the last 3 weeks. Here’s to hoping that Davis can get on track early and stay on the court, leaving Boozer on the bench.


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