Introducing “Slugging For Jude” Fantasy Baseball Leagues

If you follow me on Twitter, or Facebook you likely have seen a barrage of links, posts and emails about my newest obsession the “Slugging For Jude” Fantasy Baseball Leagues.

Now, I fully realize the Superbowl has not happened yet, pitchers and catchers don’t report for another 25 days, and most of the Fantasy Baseball host sites do not allow you to register for leagues yet.

This isn’t stopping me from my excitement and mission here. You see, this is more than Fantasy Baseball. This about one of my nearest and dearest friends who has a young son Jude. Jude was diagnosed with Leukemia when he was only 18 months old. He went through all of the treatment bravely while avoiding so many things children blessed with normal health could enjoy. He was a warrior, and the Leukemia vanished.

Unfortunately, at one of his last visits in December 2014 they discovered the cancer had returned. He is now looking at a month of hospitalization in February, and terrible treatments and pain, and an even longer journey ahead in his second battle with cancer.

To follow Jude’s story with more reliable information please check out his Caring Bridge.

So, this is sad, and obviously Jude is not alone, but as everyone should know when things like this happen to someone you know well, and care about, it seems to hurt, or mean more. No one is truly “Indifferent” about childhood cancer, but it does seem to hit closer to home when it involves someone you know. The other issue is how can I help? What can I do? Do I just give money? do I send toys, barrage the parents with questions or emails?

After the first go round I felt great to have donated 1 month of DFS winnings to Jude and family. I was doing something I loved, and in turn helping people I loved. It just felt….right. Which, of course got me thinking. I get obsessed with things. From Fantasy sports, to music, to books, tv shows, movies, you name it. If I like something, I want to share it! I HAVE to share it. I know many of you enter multiple leagues, or spend significant money in Daily Fantasy, and that is great. So do I, but I am also hoping some of you will take a portion of that for this fantastic cause and little dude.

So What to DO!?

Aidan, Barbara, Jude and Finn.

Aidan, Barbara, Jude and Finn.

So here is my idea. I will not say I came up with the general layout on my own. I owe our friend in the industry Scott Fish some recognition for his amazing “Scott Fish Bowl” Football leagues concept. (You can sign up for next season already by the way here). I started thinking, what if we had something like this but for Fantasy Baseball? Something that really had no entry fee (we’ll get to that) but allowed multiple leagues, drafts, and owners to compete for prizes from the industry, or other cool rewards.

With this thought, and terrible situation “Slugging For Jude was born. I know I am not alone in loving Fantasy Sports, but also looking for ways to play AND do some greater good. Cancer is expensive, as well as difficult for everyone involved, and if there is any way I can help alleviate some of that stress from the Anderson family we are going to do it.

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So here is how it works. If you want to join a Homers for Hope Fantasy Baseball league this year, you can let me know by going through this site I created for the cause right here. Use the Contact me form. Although it is not “Required” a league entry fee is strongly recommended. The league entry fee is unique however and will go directly to Jude’s site, and 100% of the donation will go to he and his family. Donate what you can, what you want, and as often as you want.

The prizes are being donated to myself, for the leagues and the winners. That is another way to assist, especially if you don’t want to join a league. Perhaps you run a site that has SWAG, strategy guides, subscription services. You can donate them to the cause and they will be used for prizes in this season’s leagues. I assure you, if your site, or individual does this you will be promoted and recognized. I have a list of other prize ideas on the site linked above as well if you are interested. The more prizes the better.

It truly is a win/win. You can donate to a greater cause, AND play a full season long Fantasy Sport while doing it. Or you can just donate and feel good about it! Even though the Fantasy Baseball season doesn’t start for a few more months, I am strongly encouraging everyone to join and donate sooner than later. It will guarantee a league spot, give you better options for drafting dates and times, and most importantly the Anderson’s will have the money they could really use sooner!

If you do donate please be sure to let me know and list your name, or twitter handle/fantasy. Let’s let it be known how huge o fan industry we are, and most importantly, how generous of an industry we are.

I have a goal of 10 full leagues by Baseball season, I think we will get there. To be honest though, I am hoping for so many leagues I am drowning and scrambling to set them up! That will not be considered a bad thing. Not at all.

So that is my challenge to you. You think you are talented in Fantasy Baseball? Prove it! Want to bury me in leagues, emails? Do It! Share this with everyone, spread the word. You won’t regret it. I promise.

I know Jude will defeat this cancer again, and because of this next year if this is successful we can continue it, but for a different cause or individual! Let’s do some good and play our favorite Fantasy Sport.

Please, if you have any questions or concerns let me know. Thanks for reading, and let’s get ready for some Baseball!

 Interest in Joining or Getting More Info?

Once sites open enrollment League invites will be sent, and you can choose the type of league you would like to join.

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