Daily Fantasy Playbook – 12/30/14

Steph Curry, Klay Thompson

What’s up guys?! Sorry about no post last week, working in retail around Christmas is THE WORST and I just did not have the time. Hopefully you did okay without me and hopefully I can make it up to you this week if you didn’t. We’ve got a huge 10-game slate with a TON of great daily fantasy basketball options so let’s get to it. As always with my articles, prices listed will be from DraftKings.

Point Guards:
Brandon Jennings – $6,800 – GPP
-The only cheap PG i’m even considering tonight. He has gone for 40+FP in 3 of his last 4 games and it’s a no brainer that Josh Smith being gone has had a positive effect on the whole team. Jennings has a reputation of being boom or bust (deservedly so) but already scoring 37FP in a game versus Orlando this year has me hopeful for a repeat. The risk is there of course but that’s why he’s cheaper and that’s why he’s a no go for cash games.

Ty Lawson – $10,000 – Cash, GPP
-Highest scoring point guard tonight, you heard it here. 47FP in 2 of his last 3 and already has a game versus the Lakers this year in which he scored 45FP. Highest over/under of the night (214), look for Lawson to lead the way and dominate whoever the Lakers put on him. Saving $1,000 if you go Lawson instead of the next guy doesn’t sound like a lot but with 10 games and lots options, you’re going to want to afford as many studs as you can get.

Stephen Curry – $11,000 – Cash
-Curry gets probably the only bad matchup in this game as MCW is not horrible on defense. It will probably only slow Curry down but not stop him completely. I don’t think Curry hits value tonight with his expensive price tag but there is maybe only 2-3 other guys that are a safer 35-40 points. There’s also the blowout factor but I always say that if it is a blowout, chances are Curry is a big reason why. If you like what you can put around him then you almost have to play him but there are some pretty solid options tonight for a lot less $$.

Shooting Guards:
Kyle Korver – $5,200 – GPP
-Despite 2 very bad games against Cleveland this year, I still like the potential for Korver to go off. All he needs to do is drain a bunch of 3s to have a good night. He makes for a fairly solid play with his price being so much less than the other SGs. Recent history versus the Cavs has me wary of using him in cash games as the trust just isn’t there for me.

Klay Thompson – $8,200 – Cash, GPP
-Do I need to explain Klay at all? 33+FP in 6 of his last 10 games he went for 27+FP in all 10. He only played 24 minutes last game and still had his highest fantasy output since 12/14 so a blowout doesn’t worry me. He gets arguably the perfect matchup tonight against Philadelphia and since Curry could have his hands full being gaurded by MCW, look for Klay to step up and pick up the slack.

Danny Green – $6,900 – Cash
-Green went nuts on Sunday and I look for it to continue tonight. In two games already versus Memphis this season, he’s averaged 39.3FP. That is pretty impressive considering how solid Memphis is on the defensive end. I do think Green’s upside is capped a bit though because of the way San Antonio plays so unless he gets hot from deep, I don’t see him getting very much past his value.
Small Forwards:
Chandler Parsons – $7,500 – GPP
-Since Parsons’ last game (43.25FP) came after three complete duds, I have some hesitation before putting him into my cash games tonight. If you pay for him tonight you’re basically saying you think the slump is over and he’s back to being himself. I can’t say I fault you for it but I’m not 100% sure it happens. This offense is still adjusting to life with Rondo, there will be some more bumps in the road. He definitely has upside, he always does but be wary if you’re going to use him as a “safe” play.

Draymond Green – $7,600 – Cash, GPP
-The difference between Green and my next SF is the fact that Green doesn’t need to score to put up a big fantasy night. Don’t believe me? How about scoring 4 real points on the way to 40 fantasy points? There’s not a lot of players that are capable of that in the NBA. He’s coming off of 2 huge games and gets to play the pathetic Sixers tonight. He very well might be one of the safest options tonight and his tendency to pad all of the peripheral stats just makes him that much more tempting to play.

Gordon Hayward – $7,600 – Cash
-A high scoring game should be right in Hayward’s wheelhouse. Despite him scoring 4 less fantasy points in home games this year, he’s scored 30+FP in 4 of his last 5 games. With Alec Burks in and out of the lineup (he’s out tonight) Hayward needs to step up and be the go to scorer for this offense. I do like his upside for GPPs but not as much as I do Draymond and for the same price, Hayward could make a very nice contrarian play to all of the Draymond shares out there.

Power Forwards:
Kenneth Faried – $6,900 – GPP
-We all know that Faried has been a monster over his last 3 games and HOPEFULLY, Brian Shaw has figured out that the Manimal is good at basketball and gives him the minutes he needs to succeed. In his lone game vs the Lakers this season, he only scored 10.8FP but he only played 19 minutes. He’s played over 30 in all his last 3 and as I mentioned before, he was unstoppable in all 3. This game has the highest over/under on the night (214) and I don’t see how Denver gets their part of that without Faried having yet another big game.

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Pau Gasol – $8,900 – Cash, GPP
-Is anyone more dependable this year than Pau Gasol? He’s an absolute stud. I don’t need to write a lot about him. 47.9FPPG in 2 games versus Brooklyn this season. Even with Taj Gibson playing again, it hasn’t stopped Gasol from delivering on a nightly basis. Just play Gasol, don’t overthink it.

Thaddeus Young – $6,200 – Cash
-35FPPG over his last 3 games and this season oddly enough, he’s scoring 9 more FPPG on the road than at home(psst, Minnesota’s on the road tonight). This should be a high scoring game and Minnesota has no hope of getting a win if Thaddeus doesn’t lead the way.

Mason Plumlee – $8,000 – GPP
-I don’t know how it happened but somehow Mason Plumlee of all people became one of the most expensive Centers. Either I haven’t been paying attention (somewhat likely) or he’s just very sneaky (very likely) but he has earned his price. Averaging 37FPPG over his last 6 games, he has been as solid and consistent as they come. However, in 2 games versus Chicago this year, he’s only averaging 18.9 which is NOT GOOD for what his price is currently. It’s no secret that the Bulls frontcourt is tough defensively. If you need to save some cash for your GPP lineups, drop from Drummond to Plumlee and hopefully reap the rewards.

Andre Drummond – $9,600 – Cash, GPP
-Drummond has been a stud over his last 3 games, averaging 42.9FP in them. The release of Josh Smith has definitely had a positive impact on Drummond (Monroe as well) and should only continue tonight vs Orlando. In one game versus the Magic this year, Drummond had 31FP. With Drummond of course, there is always a possibility of foul trouble but he seems to be putting it all together now so hopefully those days are behind him. Drummond is my top center for the night, his upside of course is 20-20 and even his floor should be pretty high with Orlando currently being 30th (LAST) against Centers.

Omer Asik – $4,900 – Cash
-Asik is an okay play tonight with the position being pretty gross in my opinion. I like him to get about 20-25FPs tonight pretty safely but due to his recent decline in minutes I can’t suggest him for the big tournaments. A minutes limit for someone like Asik caps his ceiling so the upside just isn’t there. The matchup is solid so a sneaky big night is possible but I wouldn’t be hopeful for anything more than 25.


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