Daily Fantasy NBA Playbook – 12/09/14

It’s Daily Fantasy NBA time again!  Not going to even bug you with chit chat, right to the picks!
*Note, most of this was written Monday night so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch out for any breaking injuries or people sitting out.

Kyle Lowry – $10,20 – Cash & GPP
– While I usually don’t like spending $10,000+ for PGs, Lowry is a special case with DeMar DeRozan out. Lowry has been pretty insane since DeRozan’s injury and now he gets to play the Cleveland again. Less than a week ago, Lowry went for 24/9/4 which was actually kind of a bummer compared to the previous games. While Lowry will be on the second night of a back to back he should still be poised to explode.

Kevin Love – $9,000 – Cash & GPP
– 15 & 13 in his last game versus Toronto (12/5), Love should have no problem hitting those numbers again or doing even better. The more this team plays together the better he is going to get. $9,000 is pretty cheap considering Love was regularly one of the most expensive options last year on a nightly basis. His ceiling is skyhigh due to his talent and at some point it’s all going to click on this Cleveland team. He’ll be matched up with Amir Johnson who is not exactly 1st Team All-Defense material. There is some value tonight and honestly, Love this low is potentially the biggest value of all.

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Damian Lillard – $8,800 – Cash & GPP
– If you don’t want to pay for Lowry, Lillard is my next best option at PG for the night (well, there’s another but we’ll get to him later, you can probably guess who it is!). Lillard’s going against Brandon Jennings and by that I mean Lillard will be zipping past Brandon Jennings for 30-35 minutes. Lillard will have the bigs of Detroit to deal with at the rim but as we’ve seen plenty of times already, Lillard is fearless. He seems to finally be 100% so fire him up and collect your money at the end of the night.

Brandon Jennings – GPP
– Jennings has been pretty meh all year but luckily tonight his opponent could really care less about defense. While Jennings isn’t my favorite PG play tonight, even considering the lower price, I do think he could be a great contrarian play since there’s a TON of good PG plays and he will be the least owned. He still normally sees about 30 minutes so should have every opportunity to have a big game. Unfortunately he just isn’t consistent enough to trust in your cash games.

Dirk Nowitzki – $6,400 – Cash & GPP
– Playing guys against Memphis is tough but the only spot they’re semi-weak against is PF. This is great because Dirk is still at a reduced price. While it seems Dirk’s days of scoring 30/40 points are behind him, he is still one of the most consistent players in the NBA. Coach Carlisle seems to managing Dirk similar to how Popovich manages his players and Dallas will definitely Dirk in a tough game vs Memphis. He doesn’t carry the load anymore for the Mavericks, he does enough to warrant consideration for your lineup.

Mike Conley – $7,400 – GPP
– Remember when I said there’s a ton of PG plays tonight? Here’s another. Conley is really underrated but because of how good Memphis is, they don’t always need him to lead the charge. Dallas is not formidable at the PG spot which should allow Conley to get his and a great chance to hit value.

Giannis Antetokounmpo/Jabari Parker – $5,400/$5,000 – GPP
– These are the only two players from the Bucks I’d be okay with rostering. I am staying away from this game for the most part. Both of these guys have shown flashes of what they can be and it’s all about putting everything together. Definitely don’t play both of them together but if you need some salary relief, one of these guys do just enough to put your lineup over the top.

Kevin Durant – $10,600 – GPP
– While he comes with a minutes resriction for a few more games, Kevin Durant is still fully capable of putting up huge numbers in limited time. In his first 3 games back, Durant’s averaging 21.7 PPG with 4.3 RPG and 3.0 APG. While I won’t have Durant in my cash games, I can’t argue against the strategy. I have reservations about him hitting value versus a Bucks team that is not horrible on defense. While rostering Durant is usually a no brainer, don’t cut yourself short somewhere else hoping he gives you 60.

Ryan Anderson – $5,600 – GPP
– The Knicks are bad and they’re allowing teams to shoot about 38% from deep (25th in the NBA). Anderson is only shooting 33% so a matchup with the Knicks could be what he needs to get on track. Other than his recent complete dud versus Golden State, Anderson has been very consistent this season with his play. While sometimes the coaching in New Orleans is confusing, there’s no question that Anderson is an important piece of this offense.

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Iman Shumpert – $3,700 – GPP
– Shumpert has been struggling with his shot but still gives you decent numbers in other categories. He’s still been getting a regular 20 minutes and seemed to pick it up a bit versus the Blazers on Sunday. With there being so many elite plays tonight, you’re going to need a guy like Shumpert to round out your lineup and help fit an extra elite player. He’s going to deliver in the peripheral categories and if his shot starts falling, he will crush his price tag.

Dwayne Wade – $7,800 – Cash & GPP
– As always with Wade though, make sure he’s playing and not sitting out for some rest. Wade’s been playing really great this season and ever since he came back from the hamstring injury, he’s scored 20 points every game. To add to his scoring, the last few games have seen a huge bump in assists. SG is one of the spots I struggle with every night as I hate paying for it, Wade is one of the exceptions I don’t mind making. I haven’t read anything yet about him sitting so keep an eye out and if he does, fire up Mario Chalmers with confidence.

Miles Plumlee – $4,200 – GPP
– If there’s one spot to exploit Miami on defense, it’s in the paint. Plumlee isn’t going to win you the night on his own but with so many great, high priced PGs, you’re going to need some salary relief somewhere. This has potential to be a very under the radar/sneaky play but can also drop a stinker and ruin a potential huge night.

Cory Joseph – $4,700 – Cash & GPP
– Here you go, the 734% owned player of the night. Tony Parker has already been ruled out for Tuesday so Cory Joseph is probably going to be the first player you lock in. These are the nights we wait for in NBA DFS, a value play getting the start with a good matchup. Joseph had a great game the other night at minimum salary so of course his price went up but he should EASILY hit value against Trey Burke and the Utah Jazz.

Gordon Hayward – $7,600 – GPP
– I HATE picking players against San Antonio but if there’s one guy from Utah I’m going to play it’s going to be Hayward. While I do think Hayward will see a lot of Kawhi Leonard, this offense does nothing unless he does something. Any other matchup I’d probably take a shot with him in cash games but versus the Spurs combined with his iffy play recently, I can’t trust him there. With LBJ, Melo, Durant, Gay, Batum, Parsons, Leonard all in play tonight, Hayward has the potential to be a solid contrarian play. Value may be hard to get from him tonight but it’s not impossible.

Jason Thompson – $4,300 – Cash & GPP
– Cousins is out and Ryan Hollins sucks. Thompson has seen an average of 35 minutes in his last 3 games, and just missing a double-double in all 3. Tonight he gets the Lakers and I don’t know if you’ve heard but the Lakers are not very good at basketball. Thompson is not the most talented guy in the world, but the matchup + his minutes + his price = $$$ in your pocket.

Jordan Hill – $6,400 – GPP
– With Cousins out, I like Hill’s upside tonight. He won’t have to guard and foul Boogie all night so my worries of foul trouble are low. He has the occasional huge game and on a night when the center spot is a little gross, you can afford to take a chance that tonight could be one of those nights.


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