Daily Fantasy Playbook – 11/18

What’s up everybody, it’s Tuesday so that means you’re forced to read my ramblings about the NBA and Daily Fantasy Basketball.  It’s a small four game slate tonight but with some great matchups at PG & PF. Hopefully you guys (and girls maybe? sup ladies) are getting some use out of this and making some money. As always, keep an eye on Twitter and the injury reports for any late breaking news.

Los Angeles Lakers @ Atlanta Hawks -9.5
Kobe Bryant – LA Lakers – $8,800 – Cash, GPP-Every time the Lakers play, I have to put Kobe here. Not only because he has been taking a ton of shots but because there is literally nobody else worth writing up. This team is awful. Nick Young is supposed to return tonight, it will be interesting to see how much him and Kobe are out there at the same time. Regardless, Kobe is going to get his. It’s his team and has been for 20 years. No one is stepping up to help and it’s hard to know if he really cares. This year really feels like Kobe is out for Kobe. He’s going to take 20-30 shots and get you a handful of boards and assists. There isn’t a ton of options at SG tonight so you might be almost forced to pay up and build around him. Building around a guy you forced in with 60 point upside isn’t always a bad thing.
*only other team consideration: Nick Young at $3,500 as a punt/GPP option

Jeff Teague – Atlanta Hawks – $7,000 – Cash, GPP
-The Lakers are bad, we all know this. Jeremy Lin has been a complete bust both on offense and defense. Jeff Teague should destroy him. Teague has had a couple duds on the road this year but he’s pretty much been a beast at home. Luckily this game is at home. Coming off a dud at Cleveland, I hope Teague is looking to rebound and this is a perfect game to do it. Teague has a chance of 20 & 10 every night and should easily have a big game tonight.
*other team consideration: Kyle Korver at $5,700

New York Knicks @ Milwaukee Bucks -3
Samuel Dalembert – New York Knicks – $3,700 – GPP

-Oddly enough, the Bucks are not terrible on defense this year. Being outside of the Top 10 in FPPGA to almost every position was kind of a shock to me. With a serious of lack of elite options at center tonight, it might be best to just punt it. Dalembert is only going to play about 20-25 minutes and contributes next to nothing on offense. This is not a sexy play at all but only paying $3,700 will give you hopefully 12-15 points and some extra $$ to afford some of the top plays.
*other team consideration: Shane Larkin at $3,000 as a punt/GPP option

Brandon Knight – Milwaukee Bucks – $7,500 – Cash, GPP
-Knight has been the bright spot of the Bucks’ offense this year. Averaging 18/6/6/1 on the season. The Knicks are still starting Shane Larkin at PG and he’s not stopping anybody. Knight is the 2nd highest priced point guard tonight and he’s one of the top options. His only two disappointing games came against Memphis and OKC, two pretty solid defensive teams. With a 27.3% usage rate, the offense goes through Knight on every trip down the floor. Everything is lining up for the PGs to have big games tonight and Brandon Knight vs the Knicks is one of the main reasons why.
*other team consideration: Giannis Antetokounmpo at $5,200 for cash games & GPPs

Oklahoma City Thunder @ Utah Jazz -4
Serge Ibaka – Oklahoma City Thunder – $7,500 – GPP
-I wrote Ibaka up last week and he was a bit disappointing. I really believed that with all the injuries, this guy would step up and make it his team. That didn’t happen. Instead it’s become Reggie Jackson’s team with Ibaka being the #2 guy. He’s going against a confusing Jazz frontcourt of Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter. I say confusing because both of these guys are sort of known for their physical play but they’re giving up a lot of fantasy points to Power Forwards. Ibaka needs to take that next step forward before Durant & Westbrook return. Him playing the way he has just fuels the fire for the people who believe the Thunder should have kept Harden instead of him. Only two double-doubles so far this season is worrisome. I don’t like Ibaka in my cash games tonight because there’s others at this spot I like more but he can be a great GPP/contrarian play as most people will be on Anthony Davis.
*other team consideration: Anthony Morrow at $4,200 for GPPs

Derrick Favors – Utah Jazz – $7,300 – Cash, GPP
-Steven Adams and Kendrick Perkins aren’t stopping this guy. Double-double is a lock. I’m a big fan of Favors and the way he plays. He’s an old school kind of player in the low post. He’s a sneaky contributor to the blocks category, averaging 1.7 per game and he’s stayed out of foul trouble all season. There’s a few quality PFs tonight but Favors is right up there at the top for me. This season he has the highest usage rate of his career and right now he’s sporting a 121 offensive rating. Favors is getting this Thunder defense on the second night of a back-to-back so let’s be hopeful that they may be worn out and he can impose his dominance in the paint.
*other team consideraton: Gordon Hayward at $7,700

New Orleans Pelicans @ Sacramento Kings
Jrue Holiday – NO Pelicans – $7,400 – Cash, GPP
-Oh shocker, another point guard. Holiday should deliver tonight against one of the worst teams vs PGs. Kind of surprising that the Kings are so bad vs the position as Darren Collison is not that bad. Holiday has been around 30 fantasy points in every game except 2. You can’t find that consistency just anywhere. While Holiday isn’t the typical pass-first guard, he’s usually good for at least a handful of assists to go along with his 15-20 points. This was the only game that didn’t have a spread when I started writing but I expect the Pelicans to be favored, even on the road and being on a back to back. Even with Davis on the floor the ball is in Holiday’s hands a lot and he is the key to the offense producing. You really can’t go wrong with any of the top PG options tonight but in my opinion, Holiday has some of the highest upside.
*other team consideration: Anthony Davis at $11,000 if you can fit him (make him fit)

Rudy Gay – Sacramento Kings – $8,100 – Cash, GPP
-Rudy Gay is questionable for Tuesday but if he plays he is a lock for a big game. The Pelicans have been awful versus small forwards. Gay has 60 point upside and SF is super gross tonight. Keep up with the reports tonight and have a late swap plan in place if he doesn’t play. Averaging 39.2 FP on the year, it’s going to be a real bummer if he doesn’t play and we lose the upside he presents.
*other team consideration: Omri Casspi at $3,00 IF Rudy Gay sits. I dont trust Casspi in cash games but throwing him in a GPP is worth a shot. If you want to play Gay, have a backup lineup ready to roll and hopefully we get news early in the night.


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