Pittsburgh Steelers’ Linebacker James Harrison Leads Your List of Week 10 Sleepers

james harrison linebacker

It’s true.  He’s back.  James Harrison has returned to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Harrison should also return to your IDP line-up.

There are six teams on a bye this week.  There are more players than that who are injured.  So it is time to play those players you thought about and dismissed.  Here are some week 10 sleepers you want to consider putting into your line-up.

James Harrison, Linebacker, Pittsburgh Steelers: All is forgiven for Harrison defecting to the enemy for one season.  With injuries plaguing the Steelers, who knew all that was needed was Harrison coming out of retirement?  For those of you who thought he would just be a warm body on the field, ah ye of little faith.  Last week against the Baltimore Ravens, Harrison collected seven tackles and two sacks.  That makes four sacks for the last two games.  And this week they have the porous offense of the New York Jets.  Why wouldn’t you play him?

Robert Quinn, Defensive End, St. Louis Rams: I admit it, I dropped Quinn after several weeks of lackluster performance.  And yes he is making me regret that rash decision.  Against the San Francisco 49ers, Quinn had four tackles, two sacks and one forced fumble.  That is the second straight game Quinn has recorded multiple sacks.  This week the Rams will play the Arizona Cardinals.  In last six meetings against the Cardinals Quinn has racked up eight sacks and three forced fumbles.  Quinn is back on the path to IDP fantasy stud.

Henry Melton, Defensive Tackle, Dallas Cowboys:  At first the Cowboys defense sucked.  Then the Cowboys defense got miraculously better.  Then they kind of sucked again.  But if your league values sacks, Melton may be your man.  Last week his numbers were a little lackluster, but he did have 1.5 sacks.  That gives him 3.5 sacks over the past two games and eight sacks for the season.  And now he is across the pond playing a more than favorable match-up against the Jacksonville Jaguars.  In the last three games the Jaguars have given up eight sacks.  That bodes well for Melton.

Dontari Poe, Defensive Tackle, Kansas City Chiefs: Poe isn’t going to mesmerize you with stats.  Last week they were abysmal.  But this week his match-up is with a very generous Buffalo Bills offense.  An offense made slightly more prone to a good day for Poe with injuries to both their running backs and wide receivers.  This is purely a match-up play.  Poe runs hot and cold.  But with six teams on a bye and an injury plagued season, Poe for this week may be your man.

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