Fantasy Football: St Louis Rams and James Laurinaitis Return to Stud Status in Week 9

James Laurinaitis is a stud IDP option this week

It is true. Week nine is in the books. And it is a surprise but the St. Louis Rams showed they have a defense. James Laurinaitis led the St. Louis Rams return to stud status. In week nine there were tons of studs and not many duds. Here is the lowdown on what was good and who was bad.


James Laurinaitis, St. Louis Rams, Linebacker:  Many have had their doubts regarding the St. Louis Rams.  Their quarterback goes down in preseason and so it is all up to the defense to keep the season together.  Then Chris Long goes down and  hope is lost.  Hope is found.  Statistically Laurinaitis was pretty good.  He collected six tackles, one sack and one fumble recovery.  It was the fumble recovery that was pretty darn impressive.  I mean in the end zone with two seconds left to seal the game for the Rams. Yes, that’s what studs do.

Reshad Jones, Miami Dolphins, Safety: Who knew? The Dolphins held the once hot Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers to zero points. The Dolphins made a once potent offense impotent. This defense had lots of studs. Including Jones who finished the game with five tackles and one interception. It was complete destruction. And for all of us who played Rivers as our fantasy quarterback, well we have special words for you.

James Harrison, Pittsburgh Steelers, Linebacker: Call me a homer if you must, but did you see Mr. Harrison Sunday night? This is a man who defected to the enemy. After a year of flirting with the dark side, Harrison retired. Then he came back to the fold, out of necessity. And he is ballin! How much so? Well, against the division rival he managed seven tackles and two sacks. For those keeping track that is four sacks for the old man. Not bad. So good.


Calvin Pace, New York Jets, Linebacker: Okay, it’s not the empty stat line against the Kansas City Chiefs.  It is the deflection of the quarterback Alex Smith’s pass to tight end Anthony Fasano.  It was an assist to the other team by a very bad Jets team. Is it fair to lay the blame on Pace? Probably not. But it was his assist that resulted in a Chiefs touchdown. Which is more than he did for the Jets.

Justin Smith, San Francisco 49ers, Defensive Tackle: It wasn’t the last minute drive that defeated the Niners against the Rams. Well, OK, maybe that was a defining moment. And Smith was bad. From whom much is given, much is expected. And one tackle is well under expectations. Yes, Smith had one tackle for the game. Blame Colin Kaepernick on his inability to hold onto the ball in crucial moments. But there is plenty of blame to go around, one tackle?

Jadeveon Clowney, Houston Texans, Linebacker: Can a player be a dud without being on the field?  The number one pick has missed six games this season. Yes, players get injured. But when you don’t play because of an illness, and you look across the field and see J.J. Watt, can you really not consider yourself anything other than a dud? I can’t. You shouldn’t.

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