Vikings’ Chad Greenway IDP Value Headlines IDP TwitterBag Week 8

Chad Greenway's ROS value highlighted in Week 8 IDP TwitterBag

Another week, another round of great questions featured in this week’s TwitterBag. We’re at the halfway point of the season, unbelievable as that is, so it’s becoming crucial to make the necessary lineup changes and moves. Chad Greenway is someone who was unproductive at the beginning of the year, thanks in large part to injury, but looks like he’s healthy and ready to make plays. His rest of season outlook is among the questions in the IDP TwitterBag for Week 8.

BJests ‏@bjests
Is Tyrann Mathieu droppable for James Ihedigbo? Also Ezekiel Ansah or Charles Johnson to replace Chandler Jones? Thanks!

At this point, yes. Just looking at the percentage of snaps played, you’d have to make that move. Since returning from injury, Ihedgibo has been on 98 percent of the snaps while Mathieu is hovering around 33 percent. Could that change? Sure, but if it hasn’t yet, I’m not counting on it. I think they’re taking it easy with Mathieu, especially with the defense playing so well, they don’t need to rush him. Just from a points per snap rate, Ihedigbo’s 0.21 rate is much more desirable than Mathieu’s.

For the next month, I’d probably go with Charles Johnson. Ansah has upside and is a match-up play, but I think Johnson will provide a bit more consistency. Neither of them have exactly favorable schedules in terms of points allowed to DL, but I like the right tackle match-ups Johnson has over the next 4 weeks:

Justin Britt, SEA: 2 sacks allowed/14 QB hurries (Negatively graded)
Zach Streif, NOS: 0 sacks/17 QB hits/hurries (Positively graded)
Andrew Gardner, PHI: 1 sack/11 QB hits/hurries (Negatively graded)
Gabe Carimi, ATL: 4 sacks/15 QB hits/hurries (Negatively graded)


Bengal Books @BayouBengalBks
So would you go Vincent Rey, Malcolm Smith, or Chad Greenway this week. Lost Posluszney and have Lavonte David. Can play 2 LB.

I’d roll with Chad Greenway this week. As a Greenway owner, I was very happy to see him back and play in 66 of the 71 snaps. He returned to form producing 0.39 points per snap. I like definitely like Greenway paired with David, who just by himself, can carry your LBs.


David Yoon @YoonD
Please rate my IDPs (4 DL/LB, 3 DB): Paul Worrilow, Bobby Wagner, James Laurinaitis, Chad Greenway, Jelani Jenkins; Among DBs Kenny Vaccaro, Earl Thomas, Donte Whitner. Thanks!

1. Paul Worrilow
2. Chad Greenway
3. James Laurinaitis
4. Jelani Jenkins
5. Bobby Wagner

The only reason I have Wagner so low is because of the uncertainty of his toe injury. Otherwise, he’s a top 2-3 LB. Worrilow is tops for me because he’s produced double-digit fantasy points in every game this season and has two games where he hasn’t produced 9 or more tackles.

1. Kenny Vaccaro
2. Donte Whitner
3. Earl Thomas

I wish Whitner played Pittsburgh every week, as that’s where most of his IDP production has come from. I like that Vaccaro plays near the line of scrimmage and is a key piece on the run defense. I like Thomas, but his low tackle rate combined with the lack of big plays puts him at the bottom of the list.


What’s your outlook on Chad Greenway for the rest for the season?
If he can produce like he did in Week 7, he’s an LB1 for the remainder of the year. Vikings are averaging nearly 68 defensive snaps per game, leaving plenty of opportunities for Greenway. I looked at some plays via the All-22 and looked at some of his early season struggles. He might have made adjustments, since he didn’t appear to have any issues this past week.


R. Justice ‏@rjustice21
Avery Williamson or Mychal Kendricks (if he goes)
Well, Kendricks is questionable and it’s a 4:00 start time. You might have to go with Williamson this week as the safer play.


vatch ‏@vatch56
Do I start Eric Berry? If not then Kemal Ishmael, Tony Jefferson, Michael Mitchell or Tashaun Gipson. I’d have to drop Berry. Thanks!

Well, good news is that Berry was on the practice field, but was working with scout team. If there aren’t any other players that you can drop, I might have drop Berry for Ishmael. At least you can count on Ishmael playing and I’m getting no indication or sign on Berry’s status. However, if you can take the risk, I’d keep Berry for one more week.


Thanks for the questions everyone! Good luck in all your match-ups and we’ll do it again next week.


Mike Woellert is an IDP Contributor for FakePigskin.

Target, grading and rush snap data courtesy of Pro Football Focus
Image Credit: 93X Minneapolis




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