Beer Review: Ommegang Valar Morghulis

Ommegang Label

Ommegang has once again teamed up with HBO’s smash hit Game of Thrones to produce the Valar Morghulis Dubbel Ale. This is the 4th brew released in the Game of Thrones series and the first Dubble Ale. The name Valar Morghulis means “all men must die”. Ommengang and HBO let fans of the show vote online to pick the name. As with most offerings from Ommegang, Valar Morghulis is available in 750ml bottles and on tap, if you can find it.

Style: Dubbel Ale       ABV: 8%

Appearance- Very deep dark reddish brown coloring to this beer. The ale appears to be fairly clear until I held it up to light, but it is actually somewhat cloudy. There was only about a 1/4 inch of head on this pour, but it lingered to the end of the pint.
Ommegang Valar Morghulis
Aroma- I am a bit surprised at how much fruit scent I am picking up. There is a nice raisin and prune mixture along with some cherry. A slight caramel scent is also lingering in there.
Palate- This Dubbel Ale is a bit on the heavy side and punches your palate with full bodied fruit flavor. There is quite a bit of carbonation that helps the beer settle in the back of the mouth.
Taste- The first few sips have a heavy malt flavor. Once the beer was able to breathe it’s true flavor came out. There is a nice caramel malt along with plums, raisins, and dates. The finish has a bit of spice to it.
I might be a little biased, considering I love Ommegang and Game of Thrones, but I really enjoyed this Dubbel Ale. Of the four beers in this series I think this is my second favorite just behind Take the Black Stout. Pick this one up soon as it is of course a limited release. As always Ommegang has produced another high quality brew.
For more information visit Ommegang and @BreweryOmmegang

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