Fantasy Football: You can’t have too much Davante Adams

Davante Adams
Davante Adams

Davante Adams isn’t quite there yet, but he’s close to being a force for your fantasy team. (Matt Stein –

Davante Adams is a 6’1”, 212-pound receiver with decent speed. His attributes fit perfectly into the Packers’ third wide receiver role: he’s athletic, he has good hands, and he has an ability to track the ball deep.


Davante Adams is in the perfect situation

As Adams continued to take steps forward to seize the third Green Bay wide receiver job, Jarrett Boykin was officially inactive for the Sunday’s game against the Bears lest the job to Adams’ for the taking.  Some assumed it might be time for fantasy community favorite Jeff Janis to shine; he was active for the first time last week but did not earn the playing time to receive targets. Adams became further cemented as more work flew his way.

A simple glance at the box score may cause you to believe Adams squandered his chance; he only had two receptions for 18 yards. Not only is that one yard more than Jarrett Boykin produced through 3 games in that third receiver position, but Adams also had four targets and a 34-yard touchdown (unfortunately called back due to a holding penalty).

It’s safe to say that the Packers are excited about Adams’ potential as their third wide receiver. Prior to Sunday’s game, Coach Mike McCarthy said, “I thought Davante really stepped up…talk about a young man taking advantage of his opportunities.”


What role will Adams play?

The third wide receiver role for the Packers’ offense has already experienced some level of fantasy production. James Jones was a nice fantasy commodity during his days in Green Bay. In the three years he spent there with Nelson and Cobb, Jones was able to put up 161 receptions, 2,236 yards, and 24 touchdowns. During the 2012 season, Jones did something only 35 receivers in NFL history were able to accomplish — he scored 14 touchdowns in a single season.  That season was set up after Jordy Nelson’s injury, thrusting Jones into WR1 territory.

The offense remains a pass-happy system despite claims of the team finding balance during the off-season. With a poor run game and shaky offensive play, we’re left with a very similar look in comparison to previous years.  One major difference when looking at this season versus years past is — shockingly — poor tight end performance.  Without a playmaker like Jermichael Finley in Green Bay, the third wide receiver role will become even more of a hot commodity.


Now is the time to buy stock

Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the league, boasting some of the best deep ball accuracy. If Adams continues to up his snap count, we could very well see him completely take over the “James Jones” role in the Packers’ offense which is a productive and vibrant fantasy position. With the added bonus – if we can call it that – of lousy tight ends and the constant possibility of injuries to his fellow teammates, Davante Adams could be gold.


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