Fantasy Football Strategy: Weekly Management, Part 1

Fantasy Football

There is no perfect strategy for managing a fantasy football team.  The strategies are constantly changing from pre-draft to the playoffs.  With all of the injuries and uncertainty in the NFL, plans can even change on a weekly basis.  That’s where I come in. In this bi-weekly article, I will be giving you some strategies that will give you the best chance to reach at your league’s championship.

The first two weeks rarely make or break a fantasy owner’s season.  The best strategy to start is to play it safe and start your studs.  “But Aaron, I really think Brandin Cooks is going to have an awesome year in New Orleans.  Should I bench Edelman for him?”  No.  You can’t afford a dud off the bat in week one.  Excluding injuries and suspensions, there is no reason to bench one of your top 5 picks week one.  Everyone has their own gut instinct’s telling them that a bench player they drafted is going to have a monster year.  Make that guy prove it first.

fantasy football

Julian Edelman – Tom Brady’s most trusted wide receiver.

Be wary of matchup plays based on team defenses and/or pedigree.  We see big changes every year in the NFL.  The Chiefs went from duds to studs last year.  This year, we might see the Texans and Redskins pull a 180 and do the same thing.  I’m not saying to not take matchups into consideration early on; just be wary when making your decisions.

As the season progresses, I will be laying out strategies based on different scenarios that occur (i.e. if you’re in 1st place after 6 weeks, do this and that).  Since we are in the fantasy pre-season, I’m going to leave you a couple pointers to effectively manage your team on a weekly basis.  These apply to most, if not every week, of the fantasy season:

Check your team’s players every Monday.  Did you happen to miss an injury to one of your running backs?  Don’t assume you know everything about the players even if you watched the game.  You may need to pick his backup up on the waiver wire.

Save your waiver priority unless you need it (same goes for FAAB).  There will be at least one player who unexpectedly has a good first week.  Unless your team suffered a significant injury, let the others yank at the first nibble they get.  This will only improve your waiver position setting you up for a well-needed emergency pick later on (this applies to the first ten weeks or so).

Summary & Final Thoughts

Start your studs.  Don’t risk putting up a dud for your team in the first week.  Let your sleepers ride the bench until they wake up.  Just because a team was bad last year doesn’t mean they’ll be bad this year.  Don’t forget to check your lineup before waivers clear – injuries can arise at any time after the game.  Don’t take an unnecessary leap at a week one breakout unless you need it.

Watch the games this Sunday and enjoy yourself.  Fantasy Football can get competitive, but it’s supposed to be for fun.  If you’re getting upset at your players weekly, you’re doing it wrong.  Stick with your guys for the first couple weeks and tune back before week 3 to see what strategy you should be using.

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