Premier League Injuries and Suspensions (Week 36)

An enthralling week 35 has left two teams fighting for the title and at least five scrapping to avoid the bottom three. Whether you are in the position of Liverpool and Man City and within sight of glory or in the position of Sunderland, desperately trying to avoid the wooden spoon, Week 36 will be a crucial one for you. In order to maximise your potential points this week you will need to be on top of who is available and who isn’t so without further ado let’s get to the Premier League injuries and suspensions for week 36

Before we get into the teams here are this week’s fixtures:

  • Southampton vs Everton                       26.04.14 @ 7.45am ET (12.45pm GMT)
  • Fulham vs Hull City                                26.04.14 @ 10.00am ET (3.00pm GMT)
  • Stoke City vs Tottenham                        26.04.14 @ 10.00am ET (3.00pm GMT)
  • Swansea vs Aston Villa                         26.04.14 @ 10.00am ET (3.00pm GMT)
  • West Brom vs West Ham                       26.04.14 @ 10.00am ET (3.00pm GMT)
  • Man United vs Norwich                          26.04.14 @ 12.30pm ET (5.30pm GMT)
  • Sunderland vs Cardiff City                     27.04.14 @ 7.00am ET (12.00pm GMT)
  • Liverpool vs Chelsea                             27.04.14 @ 9.05am ET (2.05pm GMT)
  • Crystal Palace vs Man City                    27.04.14 @ 11.10am ET (4.10pm GMT)
  • Arsenal vs Newcastle                             28.04.14 @ 3.00pm ET (8.00pm GMT)


Arsenal Injuries            vs Newcastle

Image courtesy of The Sun

Image courtesy of The Standard

Gibbs (Knock) 26.04.14: Should return this week so check back to be sure

Vermaelen (Hamstring) 75% chance of playing: Should be available but I am not sure he won’t be playing even if healthy. Expensive option so do not own.

Wilshere (Foot) 03.04.14: Had a setback. Do not own this week.

Gnabry (Knee) 75% chance of playing: I’m not sure they select him even if he is fit so I wouldn’t own him.

Diaby (Knee) 75% chance of playing: Has missed all of the season. You shouldn’t owni him

Walcott (Knee) Return unknown, Miyachi (Hamstring) Return unknown: Out for the season. You shouldn’t own any.


Aston Villa Injuries      @ Swansea

Okore (Knee) Return unknown, N’Zogbia (Achilles) Return unknown, Kozak (Broken Leg), Return unknown: You’re not owning any of these three.

Herd (Personal) Return unknown: Barely been fantasy relevant when available anyway.

Gardner (Foot) 26.04.14: As above

Benteke (Achilles) Return unknown: You should have dropped him already but just to emphasise the point. OUT FOR THE SEASON!


Cardiff City Injuries      @ Sunderland

Hudson (Hamstring) Return unknown: Hasn’t got double digit points this season. Do not own

Noone (Abdominal) Return unknown: 42 points isn’t good no matter how cheap he is

Bellamy (Illness) 75% chance of playing: Illness this early in the week tends to pass but you are not owning him whatever.


Chelsea Injuries           vs Liverpool

Cech (Shoulder) Return unknown: One of the best for fantasy but his season is OVER. DROP.

Terry (Knock) 50% chance of playing: I do not see him playing this week because Chelsea are 100% focused on Athletico so if you own him I would drop him even though he has been immense.

Hazard (Calf) 27.04.14: May see some action but I doubt it is enough to worth owning him.

Eto’o (Knee) 75% chance of playing: Another guy they are unlikely to risk considering they will need him for next Wednesday.


Crystal Palace              vs Man City

Chamakh (Knock) 75% chance of playing: A really nice cheap option but this is a tough match up. Check back because he is potentially worth owning if he plays IMO.


Everton Injuries           @ Southampton

Distin (Hamstring) 75% chance of playing: With Jagielka injured they will want him playing if fit. This could be a tough match up for a clean sheet but its worth checking back to be sure.

Jagielka (Hamstring) 25% chance of injury: Probably going to miss this weekend but check back

Mirallas (Groin) Return unknown: This is a big blow because he has been awesome lately. Possibly out for the season but check back to be sure he doesn’t get cleared during the week

Pienaar (Knee) 03.05.14: Had a setback. Do not own.

Oviedo (Broken Leg) Return unknown, Gibson (Knee) Return unknown, Kone (Knee) Return unknown, Traore (Hamstring) Return unknown: None of these are really worth worrying about this week.


Fulham Injuries            vs Hull City

Riether (Illness) 75% chance of playing: Illnesses usually clear up during the week but check back.

Heitinga (Knock) 75% chance of playing: Probably plays if fit and it’s not a horrific match up so there could be sneaky points for a cheap cost.

Richardson (Muscle) 75% chance of playing: Has been a decent scorer for a cheap price so check back

Parker (Muscle) 75% chance of playing: I would say do not own because he doesn’t contribute enough.

Diarra (Knee) 75% chance of playing: There are so many midfield options that I am not sure he plays even if healthy

Duff (Knee) Return unknown: Drop.

Briggs (Hernia) Return unknown: Don’t own.


Hull City                       @ Fulham

McGregor (Knock) Return unknown: Probably missing this week. Don’t own.

McShane (Ankle) Return unknown, Brady (Groin) Return unknown: Neither playing this week so do not own.

Dudgeon (Fitness) Return unknown: Unlikely to feature even if healthy

Long (Calf) 75% chance of playing: Has scored a decent amount of points considering his price so check back.

Aluko (Hamstring) 75% chance of playing: Not entirely sure he plays even if healthy but worth checking back to see if he is at least healthy and has a chance.


Liverpool Injuries         vs Chelsea

Henderson (Suspended) 11.05.14: Missing three weeks so drop.

Moses (Parent club) 04.05.14: Has to miss this week but you shouldn’t be owning him anyway.

Sturridge (Hamstring) 50% chance of playing: Missed last week but this match could decide their season. Check back to see if his status changes.

Enrique (Knee) Return unknown, Coates (Knee) Return unknown: Again you don’t want to own either of these this week.


Man City Injuries          @ Crystal Palace

Nastasic (Knee) 27.04.14: Struggling to return from injury. Hard to trust him and you shouldn’t own him even with a potentially juicy match up.

Yayo Toure (Groin) 50% chance of playing: Not sure they use him this week with a bigger game against Everton next week.

Silva (Ankle) 25% chance of playing, Navas (Ankle) 25% chance of playing: As above



Man United Injuries      vs Norwich

Image courtesy of The Sun

Image courtesy of The Sun

Evra (Knee) 75% chance of playing: Potentially playing for his job next season so will want to be fit.

Rafael (Knock) 26.04.14: As above

Van Persie (Knee) 26.04.14: Should return this week. Check back.


Newcastle Injuries        @ Arsenal

Santon (Knock) Return unknown: Potentially done for the season.

Ryan Taylor (Knee) Return unknown, Obertan (Knee) Return unknown: Neither are playing soon so drop them.

Sissoko (Hamstring) 26.04.14: He is their highest scoring fantasy midfielder so check back to see if he is healthy

Ben Arfa (Leg) 25% chance of playing: Probably their best player but seems he is out of favour even if healthy.

Cisse (Knee) Return unknown: Doesn’t look good especially with Remy back

De Jong (Ankle) 75% chance of playing: With Remy fully back I am not sure he is playing.

Sammy Ameobi (Ankle) 28.04.14: Unlikely to play even if healthy. Don’t own him.


Norwich Injuries           @ Man United

Yobo (Calf) 26.04.14: Should be back but they have plenty of options and with a newish manager he may not get a shot. Tough to call but probably don’t own him.


Southampton Injuries  vs Everton

Kelvin Davis (Knock) Return unknown: Not going to be playing

Yoshida (Knee) 10.05.14: Do not own.

Ramirez (Ankle) 26.04.14: There are a lot of healthy options in that midfield so it’s tough to know if he plays. Check back to ensure he is healthy first.

Rodriguez (Knee) Return unknown: Another one I have reported and this is a re-emphasis. OUT FOR THE SEASON. DROP.


Stoke City Injuries        vs Tottenham

Pieters (Illness) 75% chance of playing: Illness will likely clear up so check back

Huth (Knee) Return unknown: Probably going to be out for the season. Do not own.

Adam (Facial) 75% chance of playing: Probably plays and has been there best scoring midfielder. Check back to be sure.

Etherington (Back) 26.04.14: Not really fantasy relevant even if healthy.


Sunderland Injuries     vs Cardiff City

Cuellar (Hamstring) 75% chance of playing: Not relevant even if healthy.

Ki (Knock) 26.04.14: Really nice scoring option at a low price. Check back because this could be a good match up.

Bridcutt (Personal) 75% chance of playing: Not relevant. Don’t bother with him.

Fletcher (Ankle) Return unknown: DO NOT OWN

Wickham (Knock) 75% chance of playing: Has been on FIRE the last two weeks so is well worth owning if healthy. Check back.


Swansea Injuries          vs Aston Villa

Chico (Suspended) 03.05.14: Drop for this week

Bartley (Hamstring) 26.04.14: Possibly back but not fantasy relevant.

Michu (Ankle) 75% chance of playing: So expensive you’re not owning whatever.


Tottenham Injuries       @ Stoke City

Walker (Groin) 26.04.14: Has missed a few weeks now so check back.

Dawson (Hamstring) 25% chance of playing: Good match up but he isn’t cheap.

Vertonghen (Calf) 26.04.14: An expensive option but this a good match up. Check back.

Lamela (Thigh) Return unknown: Don’t own.

Capoue (Ankle) 50% chance of playing: Downgraded last week and may return this week but who knows if he plays. This team has been so unsettled.


West Brom Injuries      vs West Ham

Ridgewell (Knee) 50% chance of playing: A decent match up and a cheap option. Check back,

McAuley (Calf) 75% chance of playing: A decent match up but I would rather have Ridgewell if he is healthy. Check back

Gera (Hamstring) 03.05.14: Do not own


West Ham Injuries        @ West Brom

Demel (Illness) 75% chance of playing: Illness should clear up so check back because it is a nice match up.

There is the latest injury news as of 4pm ET Wednesday. Keep an eye out here for the latest news later in the week


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