FakePigskin Exclusive Fantasy Football Interview: Dave Richard

When it comes to fantasy football, there a few names that everyone knows. Even the least informed fantasy footballers know the likes of Matthew Berry from ESPN, Brad Evans from Yahoo! and last but not least, Dave Richard from CBS Sports. Dave has been writing about football since 2003, when he first got an opportunity with NFL.com. In 2005, Dave took an opportunity to write for CBS, and he has not looked back since.
While he is one of the most famous, knowledgable guys when it comes to fantasy football, what makes Dave so special is how much the average guy can relate to him: he’s married, he has kids, and he is constantly interacting with fellow fake footballers, on Twitter, Facebook, and email.Dave has been kind enough to give FakePigskin’s very own Justin Lonero (@lonero_justin) an exclusive interview. Without further adeu, here’s Justin and Dave Richard:
JL: Hey Dave how is it going? Thank you for taking your time to answer a few questions.  I write for a site called FakePigskin.com and we talk all types of Fantasy sports. It is a pleasure to be able to ask one of the best fantasy football minds in the business some questions. When did you start writing about Fantasy football and what intrigued you the most about it?
– RICHARD: I started writing about Fantasy Football in 2003 with NFL.com. At the time I produced web content for them and did interviews with players along with some other stuff. I also played a lot of Fantasy and my bosses knew it and asked if I would write. I liked the challenges of helping people while also ‘scouting’ for talent. Through that job I learned a ton about player evaluation from people like Gil Brandt, Pat Kirwan and Marv Levy. It set me up for the work I do every day.
JL: In any given season, how many fantasy football leagues do you participate in? And what kind of format do you prefer – IDP…PPR…Keeper…
-RICHARD: Man, I try to limit the number of leagues I get into and yet I somehow wind up with like 10 every year! It’s crazy! Setting waivers and lineups is a pain but it’s worth it when I can win a couple of leagues. I don’t have a preference over league rules but I definitely prefer auctions to drafts.
JL: You do daily rankings and analysis for Fantasy football.. How often do the rankings change? And what makes the rankings of players change so frequently/infrequently?
-RICHARD: The rankings change as necessary, which basically means a couple of times per day during the season. Either news or some analysis based on film or stats will lead me to fix the rankings. I’d say the impact of injuries changes my rankings the most in-season.
JL: You have been around Fantasy football a while, what is the best piece of advise you would give to the ” casual” fantasy football player that is trying to step up their game and win regularly?
-RICHARD: Just pay attention and don’t go on auto-pilot. A lot of people don’t prioritize Fantasy in their lives because, well, it’s Fantasy. It’s not a major life deal. But at least one person in every league takes it very seriously and it’s those owners who end up winning more often than not. Play the waivers a lot, read the news daily and keep tabs on your opponents weaknesses in case you need to make a trade. It’s not really much but sounds like it is. If Fantasy means enough to you then you’ll do it.
JL: What position do you see the strongest and deepest? And what area is at a premium that needs to be addressed sooner then later?
-RICHARD:  Quarterback is far and away the deepest position this year. You can wait until round 10 and still find a start-worthy QB. I don’t know if that QB would have much of a shot at 25-plus points weekly as the ones you could draft early but it’s still a start worthy passer.

I think tight end is the lightest. If you don’t get one of the top four then you basically are getting a mediocre tight end no matter when you take him in the draft.
 JL: Thanks David, I look forward to reading your upcoming stuff for the 2014    fantasy season.

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