Daily Fantasy Basketball Notes 3/11


If you see me tweet, you know that I am prone to grammar mistakes. It’s not because I cant spell or forget the complex rules of the English language. 99% of the time it’s because I’m on my phone and it’s a shithead that likes to correct every word I type. I wanted to take this time to apologize in advance for my mistakes. I too am a grammar Nazi, so it kills me when it happens. Well, I’m not REALLY a grammar Nazi. That was the guy who edited Hitler’s speeches, but that’s neither here nor there.

What is here is the seven games on the books for tonight. As always, I am liking the guard play tonight more than the bigs. In fact, it’s an all big men sit ‘em tonight, something I have never done. I stuck with all higher price guys for tonight. These three are the ones that I am building my teams around in my different lineups. Just a reminder, be sure to follow all of the FakeRounball crew: myself (@SaidHeHAdAStory), Ricky (@RSanderRX), Andy (@patsfever24), and Brian (@bsteinhause). Good luck tonight, and allons-y with my picks!

Start ‘Em

James Harden ($10,400) vs the Thunder – The beard has been coming off the best ten game stretch of this fantasy season. He’s been averaging over 50 points a game, including a 70+ point night against Portland. So far this month, Harden hasn’t scored less than 20 points in any contest. If Jodie Meeks can put up 42 against the Thunder, JH (love those initials for some reason) should be able to score in bunches tonight against a soft OKC backcourt. Oh, and there is that little thing about him going against his former team. I’m expecting him to bring his A+ game and could hit it big with him tonight in daily play.

Kevin Love ($11,000) vs the Bucks – It’s always hard to play a guy with such a high price tag in your lineup, but Love has always been able to consistently outplay his price. Grabbing a double-double in nine out of his last ten games, it’s almost a given he will continue that trend. If Anthony Davis can have a 70+ fantasy night against the Bucks, then Love should be able to come close to that same feat. Milwaukee is the worst team in the league and Love should exploit that for at least a 25/15 night.

David Lee ($7,700) vs the Mavericks – Lee hasn’t been playing at the level he was before injury, but he is slowly working his way back into that form. His last three game have him scoring over 30 fantasy points, and he gets Dallas frontcourt that is second to last in the league at defending his position. Since Andrew Bogut has been getting less and less minutes, Lee seems to be the guy down low. At this price tonight, he is a must play for me.

Sit ‘Em 

Dirk Nowitzki ($7,400) vs the Warriors – For me, Dirk has been one of the most disappointing fantasy players this season. Four out of his last seven games, he has scored less than 20 points, and Dirk was never going to be the guy that dished out five assist and seven rebounds to go with it. Like I have said many times before, Golden State is a much better defense than people give them credit. Even at this price, I am weary of playing the German for fear of him underperforming…again.

Andre Drummond ($8,000) vs the Kings – I should be fair and not limit this to Drummond, but all Pistons big men. Drummond does have the most upside of the three, but even with 18 points and 22 rebounds last game, he didn’t break 50 fantasy points. Sacramento has been one of the better teams in the paint this year, and Drummond is not a guy to settle for an outside jumper. I’m looking elsewhere for a guy who costs 1/5 of my nightly cap who may only put up around 30 fantasy points.

Tim Duncan ($8,000) vs the Bulls – Lets be real here, we can just call this the Noah effect. Noah has been one of the best players in fantasy basketball with a couple triple-doubles last week, but people forget how good of a defensive player he is inside the paint. Hell, I am even going as far to say that the Bulls are a better team right now than they would be if Derrick Rose was healthy. They have all bought into a system of solid, stout defense that has really carried them so far this season. Not to take away from Mr. Fundamental, but he isn’t the payer he once was, and having only three games out of his last ten with 40+ points leaves me very weary of playing him tonight.


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