Ultimate DFS Fantasy Football Guide: Week 15

Welcome to the Ultimate Daily Fantasy Football Guide. We are delivering the best value plays from each major Daily Fantasy Sports site each week.

No more scouring Twitter for recommendations for your favorite DFS site… we’ve got them all! Well, we only have three sites this week (FanDuel, Draft Kings, Draft Street), but we will be adding more soon!

The Ultimate Daily Fantasy Football Guide will be broken up into three sections for each DFS site:

Top 3’s– These are the top 3 undervalued players for that DFS site. These guys are going to outperform their salary and lead you to tons of cash.

Stack Attacks– Looking for high upside plays? Stack these two players from the same team to double up on points this week. Great for large tournaments!

Expert Roster– This is a roster hand crafted by your DFS expert. Feel free to use or tinker with as you wish.

Blurbs of Reason (BOR) at the bottom of our Top 3’s and Expert Rosters. This will provide quick explanations of what our DFS experts are thinking. Enjoy!



By Evan Hale, @EHaleYea

Top 3s


Kirk Cousins $5100 @ ATL

Nick Foles $9200 @ MIN

Matthew Stafford $9300 vs BAL

BOR: RG3 is shut down this week, and possibly the year. When Cousins gets a chance to take starter reps for a week of preparation, he shines. Play him at this bottom barrel price. Foles’ price has steadily climbed, and for good reason. This week he will beat up on a Vikings defense that gives up the second most fantasy points to QBs.


Rashad Jennings $7000 vs KC

Shane Vereen $7600 @ MIA

Alfred Morris $6400 @ ATL

BOR: Jennings will resume his full workload this week, and is a great contrarian play this week. The Chiefs have not been that efficient in stopping the run, and Jennings will most likely not be owned in many lineups. I love how Vereen keeps getting more and more active in this Patriots offense. Brady will rely even more on Vereen as an outlet with Gronk out for the year. Cousins will likely be handing the rock off to Morris to control the clock against Miami. Morris’s role will skyrocket as he is not competing against his QB for rushing yards.


Josh Gordon $9900 vs CHI

Antonio Brown $8000 @PIT

Cordarrelle Patterson $5600 vs PHI

BOR: Just play Flash Gordon. Just effing do it.  Same with Antonio Brown. High floors with even higher ceilings. Patterson is your low cost, high upside, solid matchup guy for this week.


Jimmy Graham $8200 @ STL

Tony Gonzalez $5300 vs WAS

Delanie Walker $4800

BOR: Jimbo’s your only elite tight end now that Gronk is done for the year, and his salary compared to elite players at other positions is still too low not to play. Tony G. has a nice match up with Washington, in a game which should be a shoot out. Play any tight end against Arizona, and this week that guy is Walker.

Stack Attacks

WAS: Kirk Cousins $5100 and Pierre Garcon $6800

CHI: Josh McCown $7200 and Alshon Jeffery $7800

SF: Collin Kaepernick $7800 and Vernon Davis $6100

Expert Roster

$60K Salary Cap

QB Kirk Cousins $5100

RB Shane Vereen $7600

RB Alfred Morris $6400

WR Josh Gordon $9900

WR Jordy Nelson $6300

WR Aaron Dobson $6200

TE Jimmy Graham $8200

K Dan Bailey $5000

D/ST Indianapolis $5000

BOR: Cousins and my cheap running backs give me a great value and solid floors at each position. They also allow me to stack all my other positions. Gordon is the hottest receiver walking the earth. Jordy’s current tear will continue against a horrible Dallas defense, and Dobson will get more looks with Gronk gone. Enjoy!

Draft Kings

By Eric Florin, @That_RedGuy

Top 3


Jason Campbell vs. CHI $6,000

Alex Smith @OAK $7,300

Ryan Tannehill vs. NE $7,600

BOR: What would you say if I told you that in the 5 games that Jason Campbell has started this season, he has finished with at least 26 points in 4 of those games? You would probably think that I am drunk or looking at the wrong player. Well, I can assure you that neither of those is true. But start him against the Chicago Bears who are ranked in the top 10 in least fantasy points allowed to opposing QBs? If you look at the QBs that they have NOT given up 20 or more points to, you would see that could be the main reason why they are ranked 7th. Those QBs they held under 20 points are exactly having the best seasons. So do not let the ranking of the Bears defense scary you off, roll with Campbell with confidence.


Steven Jackson vs.WAS $5,900

Zac Stacy vs. NO $6,400

Alfred Morris @ATL $5,900

BOR: Jackson’s running has been much improved lately, as he has ran for 70 yards or more the last two games. He’s finally looking healthy. Lucky for Jackson he gets to face the Redskins defense this week that has given up 5 TDs and over 5 yards per carry to opposing backs over the last 2 games. Jackson is great option to use as your RB/Flex this week.


Da’ Rick Rodgers vs. HOU $4,700

Roddy White vs.WAS $5,900

Antonio Brown vs.CIN $7,500

BOR:  For those who do not play dynasty football or follow college football closely, last week was the first you heard about Da’ Rick Rodgers. This kid is one of those players that every analyst said that character was the question, but talent was not. So do not go thinking for one second that last week was a fluke. He is a very talented receiver, and he will continue to be targeted heavily. Rodgers is great flex play this week, as he will likely lead the Colts in targets again.


Jacob Tamme vs. SD $3,000

Jermaine Gresham @PIT $3,800

Jordan Cameron vs. CHI $5,100

BOR: My recommendation to start Tamme is a pure gut feel for me. It’s a Thursday night game, which for fantasy purposes this year has been a black hole. Peyton always has one receiver that he can trust, that he knows he’s going to get open. Tamme has been that guy this year when he has filled in. Peyton just has chemistry with him. With Welker out this week I see the Broncos running a lot of two TE sets.

Stack Attack

ATL: Matt Ryan $6,900 and Roddy White $5,900

PIT: Ben Roethlisberger $7,600 and Antonio Brown $7,500

KC: Alex Smith $7,300 and Dwayne Bowe $5,900


Expert Roster

Salary $50k

QB: Jason Campbell $6,000

RB: Zac Stacy $6,400

RB: Steven Jackson $5,600

WR: Roddy White $5,900

WR: Antonio Brown $7,500

TE: Jimmy Graham $7,500

FLEX: T.Y Hilton $5,600

K: Garrett Hartley $3,000

D/ST: Vikings $2,300

BOR: This may be one of my favorite lineups I have done on Draft Kings. I think all of these guys are capable of out producing their expected value, especially Campbell, White, and S-Jax. Their price tag puts them in the lower tier when I think they all have a chance to finish the week as top 10 scorers at their positions.

Draft Street

By Andy Getry, @PatsFever24

Top 3s


Nick Foles at Minnesota $14,676

Jason Campbell vs Chicago $12,264

Ryan Tannehill vs New England $11,928

BOR: Foles has been one of the QB surprises this year, averaging almost 27 fantasy points over his 7 starts. Now he gets the very weak passing defense of the Vikings. His reasonable salary and high projections make him a top 5 QB this week. Tannehill is averaging 23 fantasy points a game over last 3 weeks and faces New England that just allowed Jason Campbell to look like Peyton Manning.  With his very low salary and high projections, Tannehill will be a sleeper QB this week. Over last three games, Campbell is averaging almost 28 fantasy points a game. His very low salary against the Bears defense, that is one of the worst in the league, means lots of fantasy points without costing you a lot. Watch Campbell turn the Bears into nothing more than gummy bears.


DeMarco Murray vs GB $11,819

Shane Vereen at Miami $13,020

Alfred Morris at ATL $10,675

BOR: Murray and Vereen were players I used last week and they were amazing. So if it ain’t broke, why fix it? Murray leads the league averaging around 5 yards per carry, and has put together almost 27 fantasy points over the last 4 games. Now he gets a very poor run defense in GB. Vereen the receiving machine didn’t disappoint last week with 12 catches for over 150 yards. Over the last 4 games, he is averaging around 20 fantasy points per game. With Gronk out, Vereen could be pushing 20 targets this week. Morris has been one of the most consistent RBs this season; averaging almost 23 fantasy points a game this season. Now he gets one of the worst run defenses in football.  Morris is fantasy gold this week.


Riley Cooper at Minnesota $9,976

Josh Gordon vs Chicago $15,906

Cordarrelle Patterson vs Philadelphia $7,099

BOR: Cooper been on a roll, and is a fantasy surprise this year. Now he faces a weak passing defense. Expect Cooper to have the birds soaring this week. Patterson has insane talent and Minnesota is finally figuring out how to use him. Over last 7 games he is averaging almost 20 fantasy points. With AP expected to miss this game, expect Minnesota to find ways for him to touch the ball. His low salary makes him a fantasy find this week. Gordon just set NFL record with 774 yards over last 4 games, or an insane 193.5 yards a game. He missed first two games this season, had no training camp, and still has 1400 yards (tops the NFL), 71 catches (13th in NFL), and 8 TD (11TH in NFL). This guy is worth every penny.


Jordan Cameron vs Chicago $8,858

Charles Clay vs New England $8,087

Coby Fleener vs Houston $8,259

BOR: Cameron finally came back last week with 121 yards and a TD. Now he faces the gummy Bears weak pass defense. Expect the 3 headed monster of Gordon, Campbell, and Cameron to lead your team to fantasy paradise. Clay is Tannehill’s favorite target. Last week he had 97 yards and 2 TD’S. Clay should turn the Patriot’s defense into putty. Fleener has been Luck’s top WR since he lost his top WR, Reggie Wayne. Playing a Houston team that is the biggest disappointment in NFL this year, will make Fleener a top 10 TE this week. Start him with confidence.

Stack Attacks:

Philadelphia:  Nick Foles $14,676 and Riley Cooper$9,796

New England: Tom Brady $12,762 and Shane Vereen $13,020

Cleveland:  Jason Campbell $12,264 and Josh Gordon $15,006

Expert Roster:

$100,000 Salary Cap

QB:  Jason Campbell $12,264

QB: Ryan Tannehill $11,928

RB: DeMarco Murray $11,819

RB: Shane Vereen $13,020

WR: Alshon Jeffery $12,396

WR: Andre Holmes$5,516

TE: Charles Clay $8,087

FLEX: Alfred Morris $10,675

FLEX: Jordan Todman $5,819

D/ST: Carolina $7,928

Total : $99,452

BOR:  Todman and Holmes have insanely low salaries, and allow me to form my dream team. They allow me to stack the rest of my team with 3 top 10 running backs, a top 5 WR, top 10 TE,  2 very hot QB’S, and this week’s top Defense. This team has 24 carrot gold written all over it. Come Tuesday morning, you will need to go on diet from all that cash weighing you down.

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