Week 10 NFL Spread Picks

Last Week: 1-2

Season to Date: 9-14-1

These spreads are accurate as of 9:30 AM on 11/30/13 from www.sportsbook.com  and are likely to move by gametime. Half points do matter, so hit me up on Twitter if you want my opinion on a play after the line has moved.


Seattle -4.5

This feels like a trap bet. But I watched the Falcons last week in Charlotte and they are struggling. Roddy White is coming back healthy, which could really help Ryan out. But I think they have far too many problems around their skill players. Their defense can’t stop anyone and the line is awful. This is a top 3 team going against a bottom 10 team with less than 5 points needed to cover. Just playing the numbers here.

Houston +3

Arizona is sitting at .500 but has not played well against good teams. Now, 2-6 is not a good team. But I think the Texans are better than that record. Especially with Case Keenum giving them an emotional lift and a mobile QB threat. I think the Texans defense will take Fitz out of the game and create some turnovers from Palmer. They are getting 3 points here so they can still lose and cover. I like the overall better team regardless of game location.

Miami -2.5

It looks like Tampa is about to tank this season. They haven’t won a game yet, are starting a rookie QB and just placed their franchise player on IR. Miami on the other hand is playing for something. They are having their best season in years and need this win. I think Tannehill is progressing and he’s going to step it up in front of the country on MNF. Fantasy owners, look for Lamar Miller to have a nice game.




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