Daily Fantasy Basketball Notes 10/30

cousinsIt was a good start to the daily fantasy basketball season if you listened to my advice yesterday. Joakim Noah didn’t produce quite as many points as I would have liked but Paul George and Crawford were real nice for their prices. Also, Wade put up a semi-stinker, Tobias Harris was a last second inactive and Chris Kaman was average.

Like each and every night, our goal is to get it right tonight. I don’t care if we have to be typical and play both LeBron James and Kevin Durant in our lineup, we want to make sure we get the highest possible score. With a full night on the NBA schedule, however, we won’t need to go that route. Here is a list of three players I love tonight and three that I won’t be using. All prices listed are according to Draftkings: my favorite fantasy basketball daily site.

Players I Love:

James Harden – Last season, the Charlotte Bobcats allowed the fourth highest FG% to their opponents. They also allowed the second most points to their opponents. We all know James Harden can put up points in bunches along with all his other goodies. He comes at a price cheaper than LeBron and Durant. I think if you’re going to roll with a superstar, he is the one I’d take. Don’t sleep on Dwight Howard either as Al Jefferson isn’t exactly the world’s greatest lock-down defender.

DeMarcus Cousins – Boogie looks poised for a monster season. For the first time in his career, he and his coach are getting along swimmingly. In 2012-2013, the Nuggets were absolutely awful vs opposing big men in terms of fantasy points allowed. At one point, they were the worst of all 30 NBA teams (at least for Draftkings scoring), but I can’t find the updated numbers. Either way, all you need to know is despite having one of the NBA’s best shot blockers, they are nothing to be afraid of in fantasy. Expect Boogie to lead the Kings in scoring and possibly go for a 20/10 double-double with a few assists (tied for 9th among all center eligible players on ESPN in assists last season) and a few defensive stats.

Reggie Jackson – With no Russell Westbrook, Jackson will be the starting point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder. They play a Utah Jazz team that will be without their starting point guard Trey Burke for a while. That means Jackson will see a combination of Jamaal Tinsley and John Lucas III. Jamal Tinsley is 35 years old. John Lucas is completely undersized at 5’11 and he too is aging. Jackson had one of the best preseasons of any player, and I see no reason why that won’t continue tonight.

Players I Won’t Use:

Anyone in the Memphis/San Antonio Game – Do we really expect this game to be high scoring with two on the NBA’s best defensive teams? This game comes in at the second lowest over/under of the day according to bovada.lv. Neither team has a glaring hole defensively in their lineups so I really can’t find one player that I’d be comfortable starting.

Anthony Davis – Everyone on twitter became really excited with the news that Ryan Anderson is going to miss 1-3 weeks due to a toe injury. Of course, that probably means more minutes in the immediate future for Anthony Davis. It would be all well and dandy but Davis goes up against the defensive guru Indiana Pacers team. You know how I said Memphis/San Antonio was the second lowest O/U? This game is the first. Davis goes against Roy Hibbert who had 7 blocks last night. I’m not interested.

Kyrie Irving – Even though Coach Jason Kidd is suspended for the first two games, it doesn’t change the fact that Brooklyn is going to be a good defensive team this year. Deron Williams is a solid defender and Kevin Garnett/Paul Pierce come from one of the greatest defensive teams of our lifetime. Between their ability as help defenders and the fact that Irving is nearly the only offensive threat that Cleveland has, I figure Brooklyn gives him their full attention. Irving will probably lead the Cavaliers in scoring but that doesn’t mean he’ll put up a typical Kyrie type game. For his price, there are plenty of other studs I’d rather roll with tonight.




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