Julio Jones, Cruel Fantasy Gods, Contingency Plans

It’s like the brand new bike you got at Christmas. You proudly chained it up at school and strutted in for first period. By the time the last bell rang, you come back to see a broken lock, no bike, and a note saying, “Suck it”. Your innocence has been violated. Your attempt at vigilante justice was then thwarted as the parents of the bike perpetrator caught you trying to light their house on fire. You were sentenced to juvenile detention, where you learned even more hood rat shit to do.

That escalated quickly.

Just like our Huffy being stolen from us, fantasy football is also a cruel world. Julio Jones owners can attest. The Fantasy Football Gods bring you up just to break you down.

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Fantasy Gods: “Oh, you are enjoying Julio’s league leading production, and your winning record?” *Lighting strikes. Season ending foot injury*

You: “Why Fantasy Gods?!?! Why?!?!” you mutter as you lie sobbing naked in your room next to an empty box of Franzia and saltine crackers.

I have advised buying low and holding on to both David Wilson and Roddy White in the past. Last week made that recommendation a lot harder to stand by. It looks as though Wilson’s season will finally be tallied as a bust. He will likely miss Week 6 and his production will be hampered even more with the return of Andre Brown in Week 10.

White’s new hamstring issue will likely keep him from producing for the remainder of the year. Miles Austin can tell Roddy how hamstrings don’t tend to ever heal.

The hardest part to swallow is that this comes on the heels of both players looking as though they were turning the corner. White seemed to trust his bum ankle, and Wilson scored his first touchdown of the year before exiting with his neck injury.

I hope your contingency plan was well thought out. Here are some wide receivers and running backs that could save your season either from the waiver wire or as trade targets. They aren’t going to be glamorous names, but they have one thing in common: they can be had for a modest price, either through trade or waiver wire claim.

Cecil Shorts, Jacksonville – He is the king of garbage time, and has the most targets in the MF’n league. He also just got an upgrade at quarterback with Chad Henne filling in. My boy Cecil is a great trade target who can be had for a modest price. He’s averaging 5 catches and 68.5 yards per game. Not a bad WR2 option.

Percy Harvin, Seattle – The Seahawks just cut their 5th wide out to make room for the explosive Harvin. Percy is still lingering on many waiver wires, and should be added in all formats. Reports indicate he could be back by Week 7.

Ben Tate, Houston – Tate is still stuck buried behind Arian Foster on the depth chart, and he tends to cough the ball up occasionally. With that being said, I like Tate as a flex play for two reasons. In garbage time, the boy gets fed, which is a likely situation against St. Louis this week. Also, as the year wears on, Foster is increasingly more likely to get dinged up. If Foster misses any time, Tate is a solid RB2.

Willis McGahee – Cleveland– He’s kind of old. He’s kind of slow. However, he can be had for modest price as well, and will surprise you with RB2 numbers when he finds the end zone. It’s the production you were getting from David Wilson anyways.

I hope these guys helped your cause. Send me a tweet and we can be friends- @EHaleYea.


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