Week 4 NFL Spread Picks

Last Week ATS: 1-1-1

Season to Date: 3-5-1

Last week I made a great call with Indy, a terrible call with the Giants and nailed the Oakland/Denver game on the money. Fun Fact: I do gamble as well as write about my picks. In the early games I am just 2-10, but for the late games I am 8-0-1. If you’re looking for just one game to play this weekend, take the later game in my picks.

These spreads are accurate as of 2:00 PM on 9/27/13 from www.sportsbook.com  and are likely to move by gametime. Half points do matter, so hit me up on Twitter if you want my opinion on a play after the line has moved.

Baltimore – 3

Buffalo has pulled off a great comeback and an almost-great comeback so far this year. Then they got beat by the Jets. Spiller is banged up and this is the first solid defense E.J. Manuel has faced. I don’t think Baltimore has been playing to their potential; this is a game where they make a statement. I think they come into Buffalo and show that there still is some semblance of last year’s team left.

Cincinnati – 4.5

The Browns pulling off the win was a great story last week. Unfortunately, Minnesota is not that good of a team. Cinicinnati on the other hand has been to the playoffs the last 2 years and will make the playoffs again this year. This is a division rivalry and the Bengals are here to make a statement this year. They don’t just want to win games anymore. Bernard is starting to come into his own which makes the Bengals very dangerous on offense. Hoyer had 3 INTs last week and he’s now facing the dangerous Bengals secondary. Haden is a great CB but AJ Green still had 200 yards last year against the Browns.

Philadelphia +11.5

I haven’t been very good at picking Philadelphia this year. But getting double digits is too antagonizing. Denver looks like a freight train on the way to 16-0, but there has to be a road bump on the tracks somewhere. The Eagles should be able to put up some points (the O/U is at 58) and keep the game in single digits when it comes to garbage time.

Week 4 Survivor Pick: Cincinnati

Teams Chosen: Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Denver

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