Fantasy Value Buys for Week 4

imageValue is a funny thing. Value is not what the price tag says. It’s not amount the appraiser evaluates your house at. It’s not the Groupon that offers 50% off pooper-scoopers.


Value is the perception of worth. It can change at the drop of a hat or drop of a touchdown pass. Value is why you got low balled on your house. Value is the extra $5 you paid your weed guy for the good shit.

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The definition of value lends itself to openness for interpretation:

Val~ue (n) a fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged.


The second word “fair” really muddies the waters. When you make a case for what is “fair”, you find the value. Emotions get rolled up into what is “fair”. Kids use it all the time, “It’s not faaaaaaairrrrrr.” In my house this expression was soon followed by a hand slapping the back of my head with the words, “I’ll show you what’s fair!”


Trades in fantasy football are why I wake up in the morning. The FX show The League (I’m sure few have heard of it), coined the term “trade rape”. It’s my favorite kind of rape by a mile.


Finding value where others don’t is fun. Getting the value in return for something of lessor value is an art. Here are four trade targets that are being undervalued by many current owners. Your mission: Trade rape your opponent until you see tears of value streaming down their cheeks.


Target 1 – C.J. Spiller, Buffalo Bills

Owners are pissed. Their first round pick has produced next to nothing through three weeks. This has most likely led to a losing record. Emotions are running high and desperation is setting in. I recently traded Knowshon Moreno for Spiller straight up. Spiller still has amazing upside and can lead the league in rushing the last 3 quarters of the season.


Target 2- David Wilson, New York Giants

Similar to Spiller, Wilson is an amazing talent who has produced nothing. Things are looking up for the young back. He had a 17-yard touchdown run called back due to a penalty, and showed off his elite burst. He has suffered from late game toss-fests and some ball control issues. However, the Giants need him to produce. Sooner than later, Tom Coughlin will get back to his running ways. Be the guy who bought him in week 3.


Target 3- Collin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers

This guy was on fire Week 1. Since then, not so much. Fantasy is a “what have you done for me last week” kind of game. In the last two weeks he has only amassed 277 yards and zero touchdowns. Kaepernick still has tremendous value with his willingness to run. The young gun slinger will have much better days ahead. Take advantage of his disgruntled owners.


Target 4- Danny Amendola, New England Patriots

You know what you’re getting when you low ball an owner for Amendola. Injuries. However, when he eventually does play his other 5 or 6 games this season he will be an excellent WR2. Things are looking up for lil Danny to play this week or next. He will step into a role the New England offense is yearning for. Tom Brady loves a precise route runner. Danny is a great buy low option.


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