AFC West Week 2 Preview

Denver- Well Peyton Manning and company sure didn’t lose a step from last year now did they? 462 yards and 7, yes 7, TDs against a revamped, reloaded, and supposedly better Ravens defense sure made a statement across the league that the Broncos should be the Super Bowl favorites in the AFC. I don’t expect Peyton to relax this week as he takes on the Giants, as we all know he loves to show his brother who the better Manning is. Julius Thomas made a splash on the scene with his monster game but the question is, can he sustain that production in an offense with so many mouths to feed? I’m not so sure.  I think he can be a viable starting TE, even a solid #1, but I’m not ready to proclaim him Top-10 material just yet. Remember in the first half just how frustrated Demaryius owners were that the wrong Thomas was catching all the balls? That worked out just fine huh? Wes Welker was just fine in his Denver debut also.  The only WR I worry about is Eric Decker at this point, and it’s because of his drops in Week-1. Peyton has so many weapons in his arsenal that he isn’t afraid to just stop using the weak link. Anybody else notice Knowshon Moreno started? Good old John Fox trolling us fantasy football players again. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT, use a Denver RB in anything more than a Flex role until further notice!

Kansas City- Quick, who guessed that Donnie Avery would be the leading fantasy receiver for the Chiefs with 11 yards and a TD? Anyone? Alex Smith had a very efficient game and Jamaal Charles was his dependable self. Play the usual suspects with this team and nothing more in this match-up with Dallas. There may be a guy that jumps off the page every now and then but for the most part, even in fantasy, the cream rises to the top.

Oakland- Darren McFadden having good games in the first part of the year? The more things change, the more they stay the same. Here he goes getting owner’s hopes up again. Unless you never learn, give him another few games then sell high. Now let’s talk about the surprise; Terrelle Pryor went out and Wilson’d Matt Flynn. Yes, that’s what we are calling it these days. And although mediocre as a real life NFL QB, Pryor proved that he can be the poor man’s version of Cam Newton, very playable in fantasy football.  He also did something else I thought I wouldn’t see for a few more years; install some excitement in Oakland. Unless you own a stud Top-5 to 10 QB, go ahead and start him this week against the Jaguars.

San Diego- One crappy screen pass; that’s all it took for Ryan Mathews to score a TD and troll the fantasy football world, outscoring many 1st round RBs in the process. Phillip Rivers also had a Top-10 day and could be in for another one this week against the suddenly electric Eagles. We should see a ton of plays by both teams in this match-up. Malcom Floyd and Vincent Brown looked OK in last week’s game and Antonio Gates actually looked motivated! I was also happy to see that Mike McCoy and OC Ken Whisenhunt continued the Norv Turner ways (not really) of over playing a very mediocre Ronnie Brown. This guy must have bad pictures of many coaching staffs because I just don’t see the talent anymore, other than as a blocker on passing downs. In any case, the Chargers have a very favorable fantasy match-up against the Eagles so get them in your lineups!


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