AFC South Week 2 Preview

There’s a lot less relevant fantasy players in the AFC South compared with my other division the NFC South. A huge injury did shake up the Indianapolis Colts with Ballard going down for the year tearing his ACL. Long live Ahmad Bradshaw!!!! But not really, I don’t like him this week. So here’s what’s on tap for the AFC South this weeK!

Jacksonville at Oakland

There isn’t a lot to look at with Jacksonville; like I said last week, they are terrible. That being said, there are a couple guys that should have a decent week against a weak Raiders defense.

Maurice Jones-Drew I think can have a really good week with this match up. I know I know, last week I said the same thing against KC, but the Chiefs I think have somewhat of an underrated defense. The Raiders gave up 127 yards on the ground last week (38 and a TD to Luck) so expect MJD to be solid this week and have a good rebound week.

As I mentioned last week, I really like Cecil Shorts if Henne is throwing the ball. And look at that – Gabbert is hurt and here comes Henne to save the day (don’t start him, haha) to throw some balls to Shorts. I like Shorts this week against a poor Oakland secondary, so I would start him with confidence this week. He has a lot of upside and could put up a stat line similar to Reggie Wayne last week. Henne is going to chuck the ball deep a lot which is only beneficial.

That’s about all I would start from the Jags, I guess Ace Sanders if you’re in a super deep league as well.

Miami at Indy

Last week Miami shut down the Browns offense that a lot of people had said could be very good. They shut down one of the best young running backs in the game in Trent Richardson. They ate Brandon Weeden for lunch (or the early bird special, you know because he’s like 75 years old). This doesn’t make me want to start Vick Ballard or Ahmad Bradshaw very much. Bradshaw gets somewhat of a boost with the Ballard injury, but I still don’t like the match up very much. I’m passing on him this week – if Miami shut down Trent and his offensive line, I think they’re going to crush the Indy running game.

So if they’re not going to run, I guess they’re gonna pass a ton. Good news for Andrew Luck! I’m starting him because I think that Weeden sucks and Luck can actually put up some good numbers against this secondary. I don’t know that Luck will have a huge yardage total because of the nature of his offense, but the Colts should be able to move the ball effectively. The Dolphins have a great pass rush, but if Luck is making short, quick throws, that shouldn’t be a huge problem. I’m starting Luck if I have him.

Reggie Wayne was Reggie Wayne last week. Luck’s favourite target and that won’t change until he retires it seems. Don’t get cute, Wayne will be solid all season, so start him. T.Y. Hilton and Heyward-Bey I don’t know what to make of these guys. They each had poor games with 3 receptions each and small yardage totals. The Colts came out and said they want to get Hilton more involved, so if you have to start one of them, for me its Hilton. I have a feeling the Colts will throw a little bit more this week as they’ve had a real game in this system and will start to understand it more.

Dwayne Allen wasn’t really a factor except his 20 yard TD catch and Fleener was basically invisible. Each had only 1 catch so I don’t know what to think of either of them either. Fleener was out and running routes on 24 of his 42 snaps, compared with Allen running routes on just 12 of his 30 snaps. This could fare well for Fleener in the future, but I think this week you should sit both of them and search for a better option.

Tennessee at Houston

CJ2K put up a classic game of his last week against a solid run defense – 25 carries for 70 yards and was not involved in the passing game (if you can even call it that) at all. He has another tough match up this week against the Houston defense that held the San Diego running backs to just 60 yards last week. Not exactly an ideal match up after the stinker from last week. If you drafted him as your RB2 you probably don’t have a better option, so you’re starting him with low expectations. Hey – at least there’s always a chance of him breaking off an 80 yard TD…..right? Right?!

Other than Chris Johnson…..there isn’t much to talk about here. Britt was awful and Kendall Wright was too. Delanie Walker did show some upside with a few catches for 40 yards, so if you’re in a super deep league he might be decent. Nate Washington continued doing Nate Washington things and frustrating any owners of these pass catchers – but I wouldn’t recommend starting him or Britt/Wright either. To use some Janvrin language here “Tennessee Sucks” and I’m sorry to Ty from Blindside for saying that, haha.

“I KNEW FOSTER WAS GOING TO BE BAD WHY DIDN’T I LISTEN TO ALL THE PEOPLE THAT WERE DOWN ON HIM WHAT WAS I THINKING” – most Foster owners last week. I think you have to be patient with him, he barely did anything in preseason and he needs some time to get back into real game form and get the hang of things again. Also, if you drafted him, you’re playing him. A good sign was that he did have 6 catches for 33 yards, so that’s a plus if you play in PPR formats. The Houston offense will find the end zone, and when they do, it’s probably going to be Foster punching them in rather than Shaub throwing 3 TDs a game like last week.

Andre was who we thought he was – he is going to catch a ton of passes and get a ton of yards likely without hitting the end zone on a consistent basis. If you have him in PPR, start him every week he is playing. In standard, hopefully he’s your WR2 because I don’t think he has 140+ yards every week. This week, you’re starting him because I think Pittsburgh’s offense is a lot worse than the Titan’s defense is good. DeAndre Hopkins had a decent game, but I still think give him a couple more weeks to see what he actually is in this offense before starting him.

Owen Daniels is going to be a sell-high guy – he won’t have 2 TDs every week. But he may be a red-zone target that we all wish Andre was. He had a ton of targets and had 2 short scores last week, but I think Houston will get back to running the ball and not throwing 45 times a game. If you have a better option this week, I would play him. But hold on to Daniels to see if he’s for real because who knows what could happen.

If I have the Houston defense (I do in a couple of leagues) I’m starting them with confidence. Yes San Diego got the better of them last week, but I don’t like the Titans offense (as I mentioned above) and I think Jake Locker is probably good for a couple turnovers this week. Watt and Cushing should eat and this defense should do very well for you.


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