My Draft Dudes: Justin Jefferson

Name: Justin Jefferson
Position: WR
School: LSU
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 195 Lbs


If you watched the College Football playoffs then you are well aware of who Justin Jefferson is. He tore apart the University of Oklahoma with 14 receptions for 227 yards and 4 touchdowns. He followed that performance up with a 9 catch, 106 yard day vs. Clemson.

Jefferson didn’t only dominate down the stretch, he was consistent throughout the season. In 2019, Jefferson led the NCAA in receptions with 111, he was #2 in the NCAA in receiving TDs(18) & he was #3 in the NCAA in receiving yards with 1540 yards.

When you watch Jefferson’s film, 2 things stand out. 1. His silky smooth body control and 2. His knack for scoring touchdowns.

Release Vs. Press: Not super quick but uses different gears, this helps him get the better of defenders when in close range.

Route Running: Runs routes from the slot and outside, will have no issue doing either at the next level. Good body control, gets out of breaks quickly, no loss of step. Fast but not elite top end speed.

Doesn’t always run at the same speed, uses his different gears to play games with the DBs. He throttles down early in his route at times to get DBs to settle/slow down and then at the right time he turns it on and the DBs are now playing catch up. Back shoulder is in his arsenal.

Run After Catch: Long lean guy who’s aggressiveness after the catch makes up for lack of power.

Hands/Body Adjustment: Big strong hands. Great body control at the catch point, it looks smooth and effortless, this may be one of his best traits. Even when it seems he is out of position to make the catch he does a good job of twisting his body and putting himself in position to bring it in.

His body control is even more impressive when he has a defender on him or when he has to climb the ladder. He showcases the same ability in those situations but also shows strong hands as well as top level concentration.

Blocking: Justin is a good blocker, he sinks his hips and gets his hands in the shoulder pads of the defender and keeps them there. In a bunch formation on the left side of offense, close to TE, Jefferson was used as a blocker Vs. Texas(2019, 1st qtr, 10:10). Jefferson crashed down on edge defender with help of TE and drove him successfully.

That right there shows not only a willingness but the coach’s belief in him as a blocker. He will earn himself respect from the coaching staff early on with his willingness to block.

Play Making Ability: 4 TDs against Oklahoma in one of LSUs biggest games of the 2019 season…big time players make big time plays in big time games.

Final Thoughts

18 Touchdowns in 2019 is an excellent number. It’s fair to assume he steps in as a redzone target for whatever team that picks him day 1. He is QB friendly with the way he controls his body and adjusts to balls thrown out of his reach, this should enable him to earn his QBs trust early on. I see Jefferson as a #2 option from the 20 to 20 but once inside the red zone, he becomes a #1. He’s the type of guy who can stretch the field 1 play and get dirty yards over the middle the next.

Projected Draft Round: 2-3

Question Mark: Was in a volume offense where he was schemed open more often than he beat defenders 1 on 1. How will he match up with quick/sticky corners who can match his size.

Comp: Tyrell Williams, Tyler Boyd, Allen Robinson

Team Fit: Green Bay, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Buffalo, Arizona


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