NFL 2019 Week 12 Streaming Defenses

The bye weeks are almost over, but this week, the Minnesota Vikings, Los Angeles Chargers, Kansas City Chiefs and Arizona Cardinals are on a bye.

You are fighting to get into your playoffs. Is there a defense out there that will help you in your playoff battle? Let’s see:

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals

Forget about that mosh posh of muckiness that was the Thursday night game. It was a Thursday night game and was played under a full moon? This week, the Steelers get the really bad Bengals and Ryan Finley. Finley has a 1 touchdown to four turnovers. He will come into the game with a 47.5 completion percentage. He is averaging 4.62 passing yards per attempt. And oh yeah, Bengals offense is 30th in average points scored (14.7) and 27th in total yards (309.1).

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Not sure what has gotten into the Falcons, but the last two weeks have been magical (and slightly distressing if you had the Saints in your survivor league…I can’t let it go). Anyway, the Falcons held the Saints to nine points while sacking Drew Brees six times. Then, just when you thought it was an aberration, they sack Kyle Allen five times while intercepting him four times.

Now they get Jameis Winston. Winston has 19 touchdowns and 18 interceptions. He has been sacked 36 times and has fumbled the ball eight times.

I think that is enough said.

New York Giants @ Chicago Bears

I know the Giants’ defense is god awful. BUT have you seen the Bears offense lately? That and it appears Mitchell Trubisky’s sudden hip injury has gone away and he will be starting this week.

The Bears’ offense is 30th in total yards (262.7), 30th in passing yards (182.8), 29th in rushing yards (79.9) and 28th in points scored (16.9)

Trubisky for his part will enter the game with nine touchdowns and four interceptions. He has been sacked 23 times and is averaging 5.6 yards per passing attempt.

The Giants are coming off a bye week. I don’t know that sounded important. They are your Hail Mary play for this week. Who knows they could just surprise you.

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