Week 6: TNF Fantasy Football Preview Giants @ Patriots

Well, let’s all dropkick the idea of an exciting TNF matchup out the window for Week 6.

I’ll make this short and sweet. Start Patriots’ defense, Julian Edelman, Josh Gordon, Sony Michel, and James White. Game script may mean that Tom Brady simply hands the ball off most of the time, but if you don’t have a better option, you can start him.

Don’t start any Giants.

The end.

No, seriously. That’s it. The Patriots’ defense is ranked 1st against QBs and TEs. Obviously, we’re not starting Daniel Jones here for a multitude of reasons, one being the defense he’s playing and another due to virtually all of his offensive weapons sidelined. This includes Evan Engram, which doesn’t matter anyway since it’s a terrible matchup to begin with.

Patriots are also ranked 2nd against RBs. They have allowed ZERO rushing or receiving touchdowns to the position. So without Saquon Barkley or Wayne Gallman, do we really believe that Jonathan Hilliman is going to get it done? Nope. No thank you.

If it couldn’t get worse (it does), the Patriots are 2nd against WRs and Sterling Shepard is sidelined in the concussion protocol. So that leaves Golden Tate and Darius Slayton. Again, no thank you.

However, I will recommend picking up Slayton if you have room on your roster to stash him. I am interested to see how he continues to progress. Since Week 1, he has seen increased usage and scored his first touchdown last week. With Engram and Shepard out, we’ll see how Slayton factors into this offense moving forward.

One can make the argument that Daniel Jones has to throw the ball to someone. While I understand this, I have absolutely no faith in that offense score anything more than mediocre (if any) fantasy points against this Patriots defense.

On the Patriots’ side of the ball, we are looking at who to start due to injury, not matchup based. We can reasonably assume that Rex Burkhead will be out due to the short week for recovery. Even if he plays, his action will probably be limited. Phillip Dorsett is likewise sidelined (keep an eye on his status anyway) which leaves more juicy targets for Edelman and Gordon.

If the Giants somehow manage to score above terrible points, then I will chalk this up to TNF weirdness and move on.

As I mentioned above, game script will probably dictate lower fantasy points for Tom Brady since they should be up early and run the football. This could be another good game for Sony Michel and I’m also very comfortable starting James White.

Patriots Starters: Julian Edelman, Josh Gordon, Sony Michel, James White, Tom Brady (if you have to), and obviously the Patriots DST.

Giants Starters: No one

Is it Sunday yet?


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