NFL Team Preview: New Orleans Saints

The purpose of these previews is to provide a quick and dirty look at what the outlook is for each NFL team in 2019 according to my own philosophies and hot takes when it comes to pro football. That said, let’s take a quick report card look at where we came from, what’s expected, and the logic that drives my principles when evaluating NFL teams.

CategoryNew Orleans
Division:NFC South
SB Odds:9/1
Division Odds (Moneyline):-175
2018 Rank Rushing Yds/Gm:6
2018 Rank Against the Run:2
2018 Rank Against the Pass:29
Returning Starters Offense:9
Returning Starters Defense:9

You may notice passing rankings are not included in my cute little NFL team report card. The reason for that is without at least one of, a top-10 ranked running game or top-10 defense, it generally does not matter how good your quarterback is. If you don’t believe me, read this genius’s irrefutable thorough analysis of elite quarterbacks, and how these two attributes correlate to their ability to win anything of note.

Now that you’re fully indoctrinated into my non-quarterback driven league cult, let’s do a quick run down of New Orleans’s significant roster takeaways for this season.

Impact Additions – Acquisitions that are projected to start or have major rotational roles in 2019

5: TE Jared Cook, RB Latavius Murray, C Nick Easton, DT Malcom Brown, C Erik McCoy

Impact Losses – Departures that had started or had major rotational roles last season

2: RB Mark Ingram, C Max Unger

Difference Makers – Players who are widely considered among the best at their position heading into 2019

9: QB Drew Brees, RB Alvin Kamara, WR Michael Thomas, DE Cameron Jordan, CB Marshon Lattimore, LT Terron Armstead, RT Ryan Ramcyk, LG Andrus Peat, RG Larry Warford

Potential Breakout Candidates – Second or third year players that are logical selections to make “the leap” in the upcoming season based on past performance

1: DE Marcus Davenport

How it could work

The way the last two seasons have ended for the Saints has not been fortuitous, to say the least. The good news is, they remain as locked and loaded with talent as they ever have heading into 2019.

Now, they just need to go and finish the job. The best way to ensure closing the deal this season would be if Marcus Davenport can take it to another level as a pass rusher opposite All-Pro defensive end Cameron Jordan.

A big second year from Davenport would make an already very good defense potentially as dominant as the Saints can be offensively. And, make them, on paper at least, arguably a better all-around team than anybody in the NFL.

Why it wouldn’t work

Any hot take about the Saints being a letdown candidate, or Drew Brees losing his edge, are exactly that–nonsensical gutter trash hot take garbage spawned by people that are out of things to talk about. Seriously, he just came off career highs in completion percentage, TD/INT ratio, and passer rating!

I mean, if you want say that getting another year older isn’t going to help, or that the drop off is coming sooner than later–fine. But using last season’s performance as the reasoning is fucking preposterous! Why do we feel the need to do shit like this?

Glad I asked. I’ll tell you why. Because people are stupid. And, they over complicate things that aren’t complex.

Besides, the team around him is as talented as he’s ever had. Even if he operated at his B- game, it’d be enough to get them in the playoffs. Which is why the only things that can stop rosters as loaded as the Saints are mass injuries, locker room wars over women and card games, or a plane crash.

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Final Prediction

Sorry. I needed to get that off my chest. Anywho, as we get deeper into the NFC previews, I want to reiterate a point made in the Vikings preview: predictions and future bets are gonna be tricky for this conference.

There are 11 teams with legit playoff chances in the NFC, but only six get to go. Three of them reside in South. Another three will be Saints’ opponents in their first four games with the Rams, Seahawks, and Cowboys.

In other words, the NFC is going to be a glorious bloodbath of competition with a small margin of error every week. Any slow starts, or bad losses from any of these teams could jeopardize their post season prospects. Not to mention, the inevitable shit show that pass interference reviews will be.

I still think the Saints get back there, but I’m going under 10.5 wins. Also, passing on their division bet price tag, where I think they’ll be battling it out with three legit Super Bowl contenders.

Next up, maybe my favorite Super Bowl bet at 50/1, the Panthers of Carolina.


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