The Dreaded Running Back by Committee

The Dreaded Running Back by Committee

Recently we heard Kansas City Chiefs’ Coach Andy Reid scare the heck out of Damien William’s owners when he said he planned on using the running back by committee approach (RBBC) this season. There is no other set of letters this side of ACL that scare Fantasy Football owners more! But the filthy reality is that Andy Reid has always used a modified RBBC approach. Despite this, he has almost always produced a Top 10 running back in Fantasy Football. Today I will show you why the dreaded running back by committee approach shouldn’t scare you away from that player so quickly.

Kareem Hunt was Part of RBBC

In his first two seasons, Kareem Hunt was technically in a RBBC situation. There wasn’t a single game where he lined up for 90% or more of his team’s snaps. In only 5 of 26 career games he played, did he line up for 75% or more of his team’s snaps. He almost had as many games UNDER 60% than he had over 75%. Compare that to Saquon Barkley’s season where he lined up for 90% or more of his teams snaps in 4 of 16 games and 75% or more of his snaps 14 times. Christian McCaffrey lined up for 75% or more of his team’s snaps 15 of 16 games and was over 90% 14 times. While Kareem Hunt shared the backfield with others, there was no doubt who the number one running back was last year from weeks 1-11.

Alvin Kamara was Part of a RBBC

Only four times in his NFL career has Alvin Kamara lined up for 75% or more of his team’s snaps. All four games came last season from weeks 1-4 when Mark Ingram was suspended. Kamara only had 7 games during the 2017 season where he lined up for even 50% or more of his team’s snaps. Despite sharing the offensive backfield over the last two seasons, nobody in Fantasy Football has a higher Consistency Rating of scoring 10 or more points in a PPR format than Alvin Kamara. This is more proof that you can be part of a RBBC and still be a top performer in Fantasy Football.

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In today’s NFL, there are very few offensive backfields that are not a RBBC to some level. Only a select few workhorses like Saquon Barkley, Ezekiel Elliott and Christian McCaffrey exist in today’s NFL. But just because someone shares the snaps it doesn’t mean he should be downgraded; as we SHOULD have learned over the last 2 seasons with guys like Alvin Kamara. Not all touches are worth the same in Fantasy Football. Analyze the data and see if one particular player sharing a backfield dominates the important touches in the red zone. Look at the Consistency Rating of a player to see how productive that player is on a weekly basis. The purpose of this data analysis is not to sell you on Damien Williams as a top 10 running back, nor to show you that his ADP shouldn’t drop just because Coach Reid uses the RBBC approach. The dreaded running back by committee is an issue in Fantasy Football, but many players are dominant producers despite sharing snaps and even touches.


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