Week 13 TNF Fantasy Preview

by Stepmom Lauren

Week 13 TNF Fantasy Preview

New Orleans Saints @ Dallas Cowboys

Oh my goodness, I can scarcely believe we have another exciting matchup for Thursday Night Football.  The Saints are heading into this matchup on a 10 game winning streak while the Cowboys battle for the division lead with the Redskins.  This Week 13 TNF Fantasy Preview is so full of juicy fantasy players, it’s difficult to know who to sit.

Let’s take a look at the players and figure out how much indigestion we will all have on Thursday.

Saints & Cowboys QBs: Drew Brees & Dak Prescott

I don’t know about you, but there is no way I am going to bench Drew Brees for any other reason barring injury (knock on wood).  Well, ok, you can bench him if you have Mahommes.  FantasyPros has Brees listed as the QB 4 behind Patrick Mahommes, Cam Newton, and Jared Goff.  Do I care?  No!  I apologize for nothing.

According to ESPN, the Cowboys are ranked 11th in fantasy points against quarterbacks.  They have allowed 2800 passing yards, 15 touchdowns, but only 7 interceptions for the season.  I still think Brees can take advantage with the numerous mouths to feed in the Saints offense.

Dak is back?  What?!  Dak Prescott has scored a rushing touchdown in 5 of the last 6 games.  The Saints are 4th worst against quarterback fantasy points against, allowing 21 passing touchdowns, 10 interceptions, and 4 rushing touchdowns.  Yes, 4 rushing touchdowns to quarterbacks.

And Prescott has scored a rushing touchdown in 5 of the last 6 games he’s played, you say?  Yup.

It is important to note that the Saints are the worst in fantasy points against wide receivers this season, according to ESPN.  Even if Prescott is held without a rushing touchdown, he still has the opportunity to throw multiple touchdowns against the Saints defense.

Week 13 TNF Fantasy Preview Analysis:  Unless you have Mahommes, Newton, or Goff, start Drew Brees.  Even if I had Newton or Goff, I would still start Brees, but that is up to you lucky fantasy owners who have more than one elite quarterback.  I consider Prescott a QB streamer with high upside.

Saints RBs: Alvin Kamara & Mark Ingram

There really shouldn’t be a question about starting Kamara.  He’s super Kamario!  Mark Ingram, on the other hand…

FantasyPros has Ingram ranked inside the top 20 at 18th.  The Cowboys also have a stout run defense allowing only 7 combined passing and rushing touchdowns to running backs.  Only 2 of those were rushing touchdowns.  However, there is a caveat.  If New Orleans can get a healthy lead over the Cowboys, it’s very possible they ground and pound with Ingram.  He should see between 10 – 15 touches, includes the red zone work, especially if the Saints are ahead.

Week 13 TNF Fantasy Preview Analysis:  Start Kamara, but understand this could be a lower scoring game for the running back against an impressive Cowboy run defense.  Ingram is riskier, but you can feel ok about starting him if you don’t have any better options.  Have some antiacids on hand, just in case.

Cowboys RB: Ezekiel Elliot


Week 13 TNF Fantasy Preview Analysis:  You should definitely sit Zeke.  He will fail miserably.  Kidding… start Zeke.

Saints WRs: Michael Thomas, Tre’Quan Smith, or the other “That Helps No One” receivers


If you tweeted Adam Rank with the #ThatHelpsNoOne during the Thanksgiving game against Falcons, you were not alone, my friend.  Tommylee Lewis, Austin Carr, Dan Arnold, and Keith Kirkwood all scored touchdowns during that game.  The only wide receiver to note from that list is Keith Kirkwood.  If Tre’Quan Smith is ruled out for another week, look for Kirkwood to step up and take his place is the WR2.  Also, expect Tommylee to bust out a drum solo and sniper touches from Kirkwood.

Week 13 TNF Fantasy Preview Analysis:  I don’t care if Thomas didn’t find the end zone last week.  I also don’t care that everyone not named Michael Thomas scored touchdowns.  Start Michael Thomas.  If Tre’Quan Smith starts, he is a WR2 with high upside.  If he can’t go, start another WR from another team and stay away from the rest of the Saints wide receivers.

Cowboys WRs: Amari Cooper, Cole Beasley, Michael Gallup

Let me take a moment to reflect on the anxiety of starting Amari Cooper when he played for the Raiders.

Ok, I’m done.  That was painful.  Cooper has finally lived up to his fantasy potential as a strong WR2 with the possibility of high upside.  Prescott may have to throw more than usual if he ends up trailing the Saints who are dead last in the league in fantasy points against wide receivers.  He may very well give you a 100 yard plus game and a touchdown.  He also may give you a classic Raiders Amari Cooper and completely disappoint you.  Sorry, just telling it like it is.

Cole Beasley… yawn.  Michael Gallup… still yawning.  Allen Hurns… he still plays?  Even with Prescott needing to throw the ball more, both Beasley and Gallup are difficult to trust.  Gallup is considered the WR2 behind Cooper, but all three of these wide receivers dilute the target share.

Week 13 TNF Fantasy Preview Analysis:  Start Amari Cooper as a solid floor WR2 with high upside (fingers crossed).  If you’re desperate, you can start Beasley in deep, 16 team PPR leagues and I would completely stay away from Gallup and Hurns.  There isn’t enough there to be explosive even against the 32nd ranked Saints passing defense.

Saints TE: Ben Watson

Week 13 TNF Fantasy Preview Analysis:  Ehhh…. if you’re in a deeper league, you may have no other option but to start Ben Watson.  Adam Rank from the NFL Network has Watson as low end streaming option.  Hold your nose and close your eyes.  I am sorry for your predicament.

Cowboys TEs: Quick!  Name one!

Did you come up with Blake Jarwin, Dalton Shultz, or Rico Gathers?  No?  If you said Geoff Swaim, you are correct, however he’s out for several weeks following hand surgery.

Week 13 TNF Fantasy Preview Analysis:  Nah.  Stay away.

Saints & Cowboys DST

I know the Saints DST started off terribly this season, but they have steadily been getting better and better.  FantasyPros has the Saints ranked 19th in the league, but I think they may be a sneaky DST start this week.  Although they have allowed 21 touchdowns, they have also manufactured 10 interceptions.  With Prescott being forced to throw the ball more than usual in this game, I can see the Saints coming through with at least one turnover.

The Cowboys DST is ranked even worse on FantasyPros at 28th.  With a high scoring game, and way too many Saints offensive weapons, this looks like a bad week to start the Cowboys DST

Week 13 TNF Fantasy Preview Analysis:  If you’re looking to stream a defense, you may have some luck with the Saints who have been solid the last few weeks.  They are 45% owned in Yahoo and may be available on the waiver wire.  I would avoid starting Cowboy’s defense.  Try looking at the waiver wire for better options.  Bills v. Miami at 33% owned, Miami v. Bills at 22% owned, or even the Jets v. Titans at 10% owned.

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