NFL 2018 Week 10: The Good, the Bad and the Fugly IDP Edition…Oh New York Jets

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Week 10 seemed like Freaky Friday and not the original one but the remake with Lindsay Lohan, but without Jamie Lee Curtis…just a lot of Lindsay Lohan.  Yeah, right it doesn’t make sense, welcome to Week 10 in the NFL.  Where the good was really good…the bad wasn’t as bad as the fugly…guess who?

So let’s get on with it:

The Good

Leighton Vander Esch, Linebacker, Dallas Cowboys

Um, Sean, who?  The rookie is making Jerry Jones’ decisions look good, and that ain’t easy.  With Sean Lee once again injured, it was necessary for someone to step up.  And lo and behold it was the rookie drafted 19th overall making him look worth the pick.

In a much needed win against the defending Super Bowl Champions, Vander Esch did his part.

He had 13 solo tackles, yeah solo.  And to make himself look just a little bit more impressive he included one interception to his stats.

That’s good.

The Bad

Dante Fowler Jr., Defensive End, Los Angeles Rams

Okay, so here is the problem, for the game Fowler’s stats are pedestrian, as in collecting three total tackles, one sack, one fumble recovery.  However, the strip-sack most likely sealed the game for the Los Angeles Rams.

Yes, but it was what happened before the sack that has him sitting squarely on the precipice of being bad and being a, ” bad man”.  

On the opening possession of the game, Fowler gave Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks 15 yards on a face mask penalty.  Three plays later, Wilson passed for a touchdown.

Then, in the third quarter, Fowler was flagged for an unsportsmanlike penalty, after the defense was exiting the field, having stopped the Seahawks on third down.  That gave the Seahawks a first down and a touchdown.

Straddling bad is what Fowler did Sunday.  When he is on, as in strip sacking Wilson when his team needed him the most, he is that bad man your mama warned you about.  But… how long can you straddle being bad and being bad?

The Fugly

The New York Jets Defense

Let’s be clear, there were some IDP stats on the Jets’ defense that helped you out.  Avery Williamson racked up 11 total tackles, as did Darron Lee. Jamal Adams and Jordan Jenkins combined for one sack.

But come on…when you allow the lowest scoring offense, who are playing their fourth option quarterback under center to score 41 points on you…you are on the field a lot.  And quite honestly you should have racked up a lot more tackles.

So here’s to you Jets’ defense as a collective unit.  You were fugly!

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