NFL Notebook Week 9

Ravens Free Fall

The Ravens have been one of the most stable franchises in the NFL, so it would be uncharacteristic for the Ravens to move on from John Harbaugh mid-season. However, with a three-game losing streak heading into the bye and the Bengals coming up after that, things must change in Baltimore.

Baltimore has had three head coaches in 22 years, so chances of them just firing Harbaugh at this point are slim. That’s not to say this offseason won’t bring more changes than just a new GM.

No one is going to deny that Harbaugh is a good head coach. Hell if the Ravens move on he’ll have almost any job he wants. Yet the time has come for a different voice in Baltimore. The coaching issue isn’t the only one currently brewing though.

Joe Flacco’s time in Baltimore has got to be over. On Sunday Harbaugh said that he wants rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson to be on the field more. He didn’t say he wanted him to take over the reins full time, but it’s a change that needs to be made and the only thing standing in the way is loyalty.

Like Sam Cooke said, “I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will.” For the Ravens sake I hope it’s sooner rather than later.

Hard Times in Buffalo

Dusty Rhodes once cut a promo about hard times and even he didn’t imagine how difficult this season would be in Buffalo. They dropped their fourth consecutive loss to the Bears in a riveting 41-9 loss.

They now have a historically bad offense, with Nathan Peterman, Josh Allen, & Derek Anderson all lending a helping hand. Matt Barkley is waiting in the wing, pretending to learn a playbook, but reality is he’s just there to collect a check and throw some interceptions.

It’s become painfully obvious that the Bills have options that they just don’t want to make and former Bills quarterback EJ Manuel was there to post what we were all thinking.

Manuel wasn’t 100% accurate with his post, but it’s an Instagram story and the point was made. Also, he isn’t wrong, the double standard here is rather obvious.

While guys like Tom Savage, Matt Barkley, Blain Gabbert, Brandon Weeden, and so on get opportunity after opportunity to fail, Manuel was given a shitty situation in Buffalo and a quick stint in Oakland where he played good enough to sit behind Derek Carr without issue. Instead A.J. McCarron took his job.

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Manuel isn’t the greatest quarterback ever to play the game, and he might only be a backup level player…but he’s light years above whatever Nathan Peterman is.

Dump Pass

-Bills should move Nathan Peterman to running back after this week’s 46 yards on 8 carries. He led both teams in the game with 5.8 YPC.

-Michael Thomas’s Joe Horn celebration shows how out of touch some announcers are.

-Todd Bowels [sic] is going to make one hell of a defensive coordinator next season.

-Nick Mullens is going to be this generation’s Ryan Fitzpatrick.

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