Week 5 Team Snaps Per Minute

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This is a data “Snapshot” of the post Week 5 team snaps per minute activities and speed of play. The Avg Team Snaps/Minute give insight into the team’s speed. A highly involved pass catcher player on a fast team is worth knowing! Also looking at slow teams can give the insight to run heavy teams.

The table below gives the weeks 1 to 5 Snaps per Minute for each team as well as the 5-week average,  points per game metric and a DIFF metric comparing the last two games of the team to note increases or declines in speed. 

IND is very fast and still dropped down in week 5. BAL, JAX had nice up games in speed. 

LAC is slow and declined more in week 5.  NYG, however, did improve in speed in week 5 as did LAR, WAS, DAL, and GB.


Fast Teams

IND, HOU, CLE, BAL, DEN, ATL, JAX, NE, PIT, OAK, and SF are the Fastest NFL teams from Weeks 1 to 5. Again key players in those teams are being given more opportunity but the team could be fast as they are NOT very good.

Fast teams can have more passing opportunities. Also, the inverse can be found that fast teams are poor productive teams. One must tease out the data. 

Slow Teams

The slowest teams GB, DAL, WAS, LAR, TEN, NYJ, NYG, MIA, CAR, CHI and LAC certainly have key players but they must be more efficient to overcome the slow team pace. Alternatively, the teams are so good that they jump ahead and slow it down!

Slow teams may tend to have stronger rushing players. Note CHI, TB, LAC are slow but score well.  Each team has a journey. Watch for changes. 

Players from slower teams that are highly ranked may be worth more than thought. Dynasty players take note here!  


Waterfall Graph of Fast, Average and Slow Speed (Snaps/Min) Teams


The waterfall graph highlights each team’s speed relative to the league average. Clearly, IND is the fastest team in the league! It seems to be a good time to own Luck! 

Yet LAC and CHI are the slowest teak but have scored well this year. 

TEAM Avg Points Per Games vs Their Avg Snaps per Min

The few teams (Points/Game Red Line) above the pink line (Snaps/M) are the High Points/Game Team (red lines) vs Snaps per Minute (green bars).

CHI, CAR, and LAC are very interesting “Slow” teams as they can produce good points.  They can control the game scripts. 

I also included the team’s Fantasy Points per Game as well. A few of these “fast” team have poorer FP production. They are going fast as nothing is working well. But teams like BAL, ATL, NE, and PIT  are the exceptions. These teams cannot continue being this fast and good? Can they? They stand out in the Fast Teams. The blue stars are the highest scoring teams above the pink dashed line of the average points per game. Many of these are balanced in speed (CIN, KC, NO, and LAR) Blue Stars! 

Use wisely for week 6 DFS and lineups.



TEAM vs Positional Speed in Snaps per Minute For the Season

Use these tables to determine what teams are using their RB, TE, and WRs faster and more (Snaps per Min). Faster/More could equal more chances to score! These figures provide a nice visual view of this data to further burn into your thinking!

I would you to realize in this and other reports on targets and attempts, that I can not catch everything. Fantasy Players must dig and question the reasons why on any data. These reports annotate the tops and bottoms via colorization of the data range. I display team, team positional and player level metrics. This report takes time for me and it is done because I would not depend on Data lists and Player names,  These figures allow for more ways to “see” the metrics!

Team Metrics with League Average Usages

These figures include in this section are positional usages in each team with the Avg of Player Snaps Per Minute from Weeks 1 to 5 data. Included in these data are team usage metric for each position. Weekly vs the 5 Week Average.

Understanding team usages give you a view at the landscape level to fine-tune waivers and lineups. WRs on high usage team might be better than those lower usage teams! 

League Averages

The league averages for positional usages were also calculated and included into the “Scaled” metric. The Extreme High and Low Positional usages by the team are colorized Green (High Usage) and Red (Low Usage).

The scaled usage looks within the position and measures the usage vs the league average. BLUE are highly used positions vs red are weekly used by the team. These data allow a snapshot of the team up to this point in the season. Use to plot waivers, lineups, and DFS in week 6! 

Note that BAL really uses its RBs and thus Allen is a very valuable handcuff to Collins! ATL is the same thing with Ito Smith being relative while Freeman was gone. Stay alert. 









RB, TE, and WR POSITIONAL USAGEs in Weeks 1/2/3/4/5.

Running Backs

RB Highest Speed By Team and % Scaled Usage. The top teams in usage would have more valuable RBs than the lower teams. Use the week to week changes to alter your opinions! 


lAR, TEN, CIN, NYJ, SF, and ATL  are biased to the rushing RB in the league.

SEA, KC, NYG, JAX, OAK, and NO were biased other positions. Note SEA and NO may be changing! 



TEs Highest Speed and % Usage


NO, KC, SEA, PHI, NE, and CAR are more biased to the TE usage

DET, LAR, MIA, TB, GB, HOU, JAX,and PIT are biased to other positions. 


Wide Receivers

WRs Highest Speed and % Usage


DET strongly biased to the WRs. NYG, LAR, GB, JAX, TB, MIA, and OAK are biased to the WRs

TEN, CIN, ATL, NO, DAL, SF, KC and NYJ are using other positions more than WRs relative to league average usages. 


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