Cleveland Browns A Top Streaming Defense in Week 3

Streaming defenses is now widely seen as the best way to utilize the DST spot on your roster. It certainly is not the only way to do it. However, it is perhaps the best way to consistently get a top-10 DST on your roster each week. The other option often involves spending a single-digit round pick on a defense. That is not something I am not willing to do outside of extremely deep leagues.

Through two weeks I now feel like we have some sort of idea about what each offense and defense is bringing to the table. Of course injuries and suspensions will change some. However, for most they are likely to remain what we have seen at least for the short-term. That means we should be able to identify a some good defenses to stream in Week 3.

For this article I will look to pick defenses that are under 70% owned. All ownership is prior to waivers running Wednesday.

New York Jets @ Cleveland Browns (34% owned)

If you have watched even five minutes of the Browns offense this season you will get this pick. The Browns struggled against a New Orleans Saints defense who go lit up in Week 1. Tyrod Taylor is not getting the job done and their offensive line is not great. The New York Jets have already demonstrated they can take advantage of bad offensive performances. The Jets defense dominated the Lions in Week 1. They did not have as good of a week in Week 2. However, the Miami Dolphins offense looks to be a low-risk offense which will mean many defenses do not have big days against them.

Seattle Seahawks vs Dallas Cowboys (16%)

This defense is not great but it can stop teams. They picked off Case Keenum three times in Week 1 and Mitchell Trubisky twice in Week 2. However, their inability to get sacks has prevented them racing up big points. I am sticking with the Michael Lombardi statement that bad offensive lines do not travel. The Cowboys line is not a tire fire but in Seattle it might be. I think the Seahawks manage to break double-digits this week.

Dallas Cowboys @ Seattle Seahawks (14%)

The Seattle Seahawks offensive line is absolutely horrific! The Cowboys defensive line is pretty good, even without David Irving. That is not a good combination for an offense but a great one for a defense. The Cowboy had six sacks last week against Eli Manning’s New York Giants. I think they can top that this week, even on the road. Russel Wilson will be running for his life and i expect at least one pick.

Cleveland Browns vs New York Jets (9%)

This ownership percentage is baffling to me. The Browns defense is legit. They have now shut down the Pittsburgh Steelers and New Orleans Saints offense two weeks running. The Jets offense is fairly solid so I do not think they wreak havoc. However, they are facing a rookie quarterback and have seven sacks already this season. If they can get to Sam Darnold early on Thursday they could scramble his mind enough to force him into mistakes. I like the floor on this defense but I think there is legitimate 15-plus point upside if they get things right.

Miami Dolphins vs Oakland Raiders (3%)

This one is strictly for the deeper leagues. The Oakland Raiders offense has not looked great so far. However, the Los Angeles Rams and Denver Broncos have really good defenses. We will find out a lot this week about the Raiders offense. If they struggle against the Dolphins they could be in serious trouble. Miami’s defense is good but not incredible. They seem to have a decent fantasy floor but against the Raiders they could have a really nice ceiling in Week 3.


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