Sunday High Scoring Games

By John Bush

Sunday High Scoring Games

I wished to give my take on the Sunday Day High Scoring Games** 

**Sunday Night and Monday Games Sold Separately 🙂 

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Sunday High Scoring Games Analysis will include:

  • Game Script
  • Defense against the Position (DAP) Data
  • Non-PPR and PPR Rankings (100 to 0) Green to Red
  • My Risk Assessments for each Player (High, Mid, and Low Risk)

I have constructed these data charts below to maximize your visual view of the entire game landscape. Use thoughtfully. My philosophy is less is more? I will hit the highlights but will not give you the same old tired pundit driven opinions.


Game Script and DAPs

How to Read Game Scripts and Defense Against the Position (DAP) Figures.






Short Discussion of Risk

Use the Risk Discussion for a deeper understanding of player risk levels are shown below. See the Detail Game Risk and Ranking Data for each team and player following the game scripts and DAP data.



High – Games predicted to have game totals of 48/49 points and higher



Sunday High Scoring Games High PTS

Here are the overall matchups for this game:

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NE Faces a weaker than predicted HOU D at the QB and TE positions (33 and 24.5). Strong DFS Tandem of Brady and Gronk as most already know. 

The NE WRs face an average WR DAP of 50.  I have Hogan at mid risk but a nice 87 WR ranking. Hogan collects the majority of the WR points. He is a strong play but with some risk! Maybe Dorsett gets lucky but he is high risk lower ranked this week. 

The RBs of Burkhead and White (pass catcher) are low-risk plays but face into the Hou D strong suit of Defense Against the RB with 79 ranking. 

NE K and DEF should be active vs 20 and 23 DAPs. 




HOU gets a sweet DAP for Watson and Hopkins. DFS Tandem suggested. They face a weak NE QB DAP and WR DAP of 0. Very weak!  This is the reason for the high total game totals predicted. Fuller has some injury issues and thus, is a high-risk player but ranked at 68! 

The HOU and TE will be more challenged at 42 and 47 DAPs. Those DAPs are still slightly below average. Miller is a high risk but nicely ranked at 72. The outcomes for him seem broad and not a DFS cash game play! I did not even rank a TE. 

The K and DEF will be highly challenged at DAPs of 73 to 76. 

Sunday High Scoring Games hou.jpg


NO vs TB



NO gets a nice QB DAP of 36 and the WRs at 0 DAP. I have Brees mid risk at 89 ranking! He should collect nice passing yards and scores.

His WR 1 is Thomas who I have at low risk 97. Strong Tandem for DFS. The only issue is if the NO team gets ahead too much the run game may limit the 2nd half passing. Some risk here for this tandem then. Also, Ginn is high risk at 51 and could collect some points. The other two Smith and Meredith are ranked high to mid risk ranked in the 30s. 

Karma and Gillslee? are the RBs and face 57 DAP. Karma should be strong in the passing game! Gillslee was unranked and is a high-risk player! 

K and DEF should have scoring opportunities. 

Sunday High Scoring Games no.jpg



TB gets an away game vs a tough NO defense! The QB and WR DAPs are above average DAPs of 65 and 56. Fitz will be challenged all day long and may be picked off given the predicted defensive pressure.  

Evans is a still a low risk 91 ranked. He is a stud player and should collect the majority of Fitz WR passes. The other WRs may be on the short end of targets in this game. These WRs are mid to high risk and lower ranked. 

The tandem TEs could cancel each other out vs a 79 TE DAP. Brate and Howard are this both mid-risk ranked in the 50s! I remain concerned about this TEBC situation. Great for a best-ball but hard to predict which one goes off here in the tough away game!

Barber the RB also has a tough DAP to go into of 65. He is lowly ranked of 44 and mid-risk! 

The TB K and DEF also have a tough game. 

Sunday High Scoring Games tb.jpg





IND faces a soft CIN defense and thus Luck should earn his points as he goes into a weak 23 QB DAP but his WRs face a tough WR DAP of 78. That would seem to shift Luck’s show to his RBs and TE tandem! 

Hilton should still collect points at a low risk of 91 rankings. The other WRs are a high and mid-risk but lower ranked.  A contest DFS tandem play of Luck and Hilton exists but not in a cash game. 

The RBs seem depleted and I only ranked Wilkins at mid risk at 13. He can surprise if he can pass catch given the DAPs of a weak CIN RB 14 DAP. A gamble for DFS contest only not for DFS cash game. 

The TEs are a great tandem but who goes off today vs a weak 27 CIN DAP! I predict Doyle gets the majority of points at a low risk 74 ranking. Ebron is high risk at 43 ranking. 

The K gets an easy time and DEF gets an average DAP. 

Sunday High Scoring Games ind.jpg



CIN faces off against a weak IND defense yielding Fantasy Points via low weak DAPs. All positions face 38 DAP or less. Having a game with 2 weak defenses should lead to offensive fireworks.

Dalton and crew are predicted to lose but given the Luck factor CIn can win and the spread seems not reliable. I have Dalton at high risk 65 but given the entire landscape, I may be too much in his risk level.

AJ Green should feast and that leads to multiple scores. I am ranking at 98 low risk. He is a strong cash game play and contest play as well. He is your DFS anchor this week! Ross may also be a sleeper but only for DFS contest play not in cash games. Ross is high risk 50. 

Eifert the TE also should collect fantasy scores and points at low risk 65 ranked. 

Mixon vs Bernard might be moot as both should collect in this game. I did though rank Mixon at 75 low-risk and Bernard at high-risk 44. I predict if IND keeps it close then Bernard get extra chances vs the opposite game script.  

The CIN K and DEF should collect in this game. 






KC fights into strong defense in week 1. The LAC chargers are super strong vs QB 100 DAP. Mahomes gets a tough go in week 1. His production will be limited. I have him at 31 high-risk. I would pass in DFS! 

Hill and Watkins the main WRs face into a 58 WR DAP. I still have Hill at low risk 87 but Watkins does get a mid risk 70 rankings. 

Kelce the TE will get a hot reception from the LAC defense who will generate an 84 DAP. He will have to prove himself and have him a low-risk TE 95 ranked. I expect a lower than usual scoring but he is still the second best TE. 

Hunt gets to strut his stuff vs a weak 36. On paper, he should collect but the concern is that the passing is shut down and the rushing box is stacked! Mahomes has to open up the passing for KC to win! Hunt is a low risk 88! 




Rivers and Company face into an above average defense. KC is weaker on away games! 

Rivers will face an easy 23 QB DAP and will flood the KC with scores all day long. His WR face a walk-over 0 WR DAP! Sweet DFS tandems and stacks. Rivers is mid risk 70 but that may be too high in risk and low in rankings if the KC defense is who I think they are.

Allen can collect scores (2X) at a  low risk 96. Strong play this week! Mike Williams also can score but is a high/mid risk as is T Will both ranked in the 50s! 

The bad news is the KC defense is tough against the run with an RB 98 DAP. Gordon will collect his points later as the LAC pull away from the KC. He is a low-risk player. Ekeler the pass catcher might collect early from Rivers. Gordon is a contest DFS as is Ekeler. No cash game DFS plays for me.

Gates is back but has to be a high risk for any serious play. A high risk ranked at 39 vs a tough KC TE DAP of 82! 

LAC Kickers and Def tougher DAPs. Be cautious! 



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