QB Streamers Week 1

Bengals Andy Dalton

Streaming quarterbacks can be a really delicate balancing act. However, in recent years the task has got easier. I cannot remember a time that quarterback has as much depth as it has right now and that makes the job of streaming them a lot more fun on a weekly basis.

The early part of the season is always tough to judge as we have not seen what defenses really are at this stage. Therefore, we are judging based on very minimal information but there are some indicators that can make picking QB streamers more reliable.

For this article I have tried to pick quarterbacks that are under 70% owned.

Alex Smith @ Arizona (64% owned)

Smith will make his first start for the Washington Redskins on the road in Arizona. However, I quite like the spot for Smith and the Redskins defense. All of the attention Sunday will be on Adrian Peterson and that can only help Smith to make plays, as the defense will likely also have half an eye on Peterson. Last season the Cardinals ranked 14th in passing yards per game and 19th in points allowed per game. In addition, the Cardinals defense lost some interesting pieces this offseason, including releasing Tyrann Mathieu. That only weakens this pass defense and Smith should be able to take advantage.

Andy Dalton @ Indianapolis (23% owned)

Until they prove differently to me the Indianapolis Colts are going to be my defense to target in 2017. Last season they ranked 30th in total yards per game and points per game and 28th in passing yards surrendered per game. Dalton is a quarterback capable of having decent games, even if he does not tend to be a quarterback threat across a whole season. With weapons including A.J. Green, John Ross, Tyler Eifert, Joe Mixon and Giovanni Bernard on the field Dalton should have a great chance to be a top-10 QB and a perfect option if you are looking for QB streamers this week.


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