Targets Per Minute Week 1_2 2017

By John Bush


Targets Per Minute Week 1_2 2017

My targets per minute week 1 and 2 analysis starts with a landscape view of each team’s total number of players targeted by the week. How concentrated are each team’s targets?

Interestingly, in the following table, the least concentrated targeting team was LAR and the most targeting team was MIA. I used this data to look for adding players or in trades.

The teams at the bottom of the table are distributing their target to fewer players. Finding a 2 or 3 deep player there may be more valuable than commonly thought!

** I have Attempts per Minute Data added at the end as a data treat~! 

Targeting Concentration Per Team

Targets Per Minute Week 1_2 Slide01

Total Weekly Team Targets and Targets per Minute.

The top teams in numbers of targets are ARI, CHI, GB, NO, PHI, NE, and DAL.

The Bottom’s Boys are BUF, ATL, CAR, JAX, IND, KC, LAR, and OAK

Combining concentration and target numbers give you a view of each teams targeting plans each week.

Finally, the targets per minute highest teams are ARI, CHI, DAL, NO, LAR, LAC, and NYG. Again focus on the target but each teams fantasy point production. NYG is a great example. Great target per minute but very bad execution. Keep Digging!


Positional Usages as Measured by Targets and Week 1 to 2 Changes.

The Next tables present Teams and their positional targeting. Also, I included week 1 to 2 changes in targeting. Most teams focus on the WR but the difference comes out in the RB and TEs usages.

KC and BAL are the Top TE users. That is why I picked up Watson in all leagues possible! BUF and CHI are the top RB users. If McCoy is injured, his replacement is going to be very valuable! MIA and CIN were the TOP WR targeters.

Look closely at all the critical team depth charts with all this data in mind! This is required metrics for your bye week replacements coming up! 


Top Team Positional Users by Positions

The tables are segmented by RB, TEs, and WRs. Each table is followed by an area graph for a visual view of the data. I scaled the data to the positional averages to add meaning to these graphs. Clearly, see the tops and bottoms in the NFL!

Targets Per Minute Week 1_2 Slide11

Targets Per Minute Week 1_2 Slide14


Targets Per Minute Week 1_2 Slide15

Targets Per Minute Week 1_2 Slide13

Targets Per Minute Week 1_2 Slide16

Players Targets Per Snap Scaled to the Average

Scaled the Data (0 to 100) allows us to look at the positions and compare players. If the top TE is compared to the top RB then both players would be rated 100. Simple numbers might be like 5 to 10 and would not factor in the natural bias to WRs etc.

My numbers allow judgments across teams and positions in trades, adds, drops or lineups! Grouping within teams gives you that comparison as well in the event of injury etc. 

Slide17Slide18Slide19Slide20Slide21Slide22Slide23Slide24Slide25Slide26Slide27Slide28Targets Per Minute Week 1_2 Slide29Targets Per Minute Week 1_2 Slide30Slide31Slide32



WEEK 1 and 2 Rushing Attempts per Minute. 

The raw Att/Min for each team is presented as well as a scaled to the average to better understand a team’s tendency in rushing. BAL, JAC, DEN, TB are the top 4 ATTs per Min Teams. Carefully study the RBs depth charts for bargains etc.

I also do an Area Graph of the scaled ATT / Mins for landscape viewing of all 32 teams in terms of rushing! Study!


Team and Players ATT /Min

Use these data to compare with the team. The 2-week average is to the far right of the table. Looks like, for example, Chris Johnson is the show vs K Williams in ARI! Be Thoughtfull! Slide37Slide38Slide39Slide40Targets Per Minute Week 1_2 Slide41Slide42Slide43

Player Averages of ATT/MIN for Week 1 and 2

Overkill on the data but got to do it for my readers! Enjoy!



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