Yes, You Can Stream Quarterbacks in 2QB Leagues – Week 13 Options

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Stream Quarterbacks

It’s the final week of the regular season in most fantasy football leagues. If you stream quarterbacks, don’t waver in your strategy for the final week of the season, especially if a playoff berth is on the line. You’re still looking for the best matchups – and that could be key with some top guys under-performing and facing some tough matchups.

With it being Week 13, and very few changes in quarterback across the league for once, I won’t exactly be recommending a streamer this week. In 2QB leagues, if you’re stream quarterbacks, you’ve likely set your quarterback depth by now and won’t be able to use much on the waiver wire, unless of course someone like Jay Cutler, Brian Hoyer or Ryan Fitzpatrick happen to be on your team.

You have no reason to take a chance on Matt Schaub (even if he did finish slightly higher than Aaron Rodgers) or whomever the Rams happen to trot out this week. Austin Davis is the starter for the Browns now and Terrell Pryor could end up as the next guy on the field for them if the front office continues to punish Johnny Manziel.

So instead, I’ll put a few thoughts with each group, or even specific quarterbacks below. Feel free to reach out on twitter if you have any questions in the meantime. Good luck in Week 13!

No-Doubt Starting Quarterbacks

Cam Newton – the Panthers quarterback has finished outside of the top-18 just once this season and draws the Saints for Week 13. Easy as pie

Tom Brady – despite losing a weapon each of the last few weeks, Brady is one of the best quarterbacks in fantasy football this season – if not the best. The Eagles have given up a QB2 finish to Jameis Winston and Matthew Stafford in each of the last two weeks, so expect some points from Brady, no matter who he’ll be throwing to.

Andy Dalton – the Browns made Matt Schaub look semi-competent in Week 12 and gave up 231 yards and 3 touchdowns to Dalton earlier this season; expect more of the same

Aaron Rodgers – just a few weeks ago, Rodgers threw for 331 yards and 2 touchdowns and finished as the QB4 that week. I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t replicate, or even exceed, those numbers this week.

Russell Wilson – the Vikings could be a tough draw for Wilson this week, especially with Jimmy Graham out. But the team is fighting to stay in the playoff race and Russell Wilson has been a top-three fantasy quarterback in each of the last two weeks (and finished as QB11 in Week 10). With the Vikings giving up four top-12 finishes over the last six weeks, I’m buying into his hot streak.

Marcus Mariota – even though the rookie has been inconsistent this year in fantasy football, this should be a plus matchup for him, especially if he’s your second quarterback. The Jaguars have given up 10 top-18 finishes this year, the most in fantasy football, giving Mariota a chance at finishing near the top in Week 13.

Ben RoethlisbergerAntonio Brown, Martavis Bryant, and now, Markus Wheaton – Big Ben has quite the arsenal this year. He might have a low ceiling against the Colts (they’ve only allowed three top-10 finishes this year), but it still an exploitable defense.

Quarterbacks with QB1 Potential

All of the next few quarterbacks have enticing matchups that could allow them to finish as an elite QB1 this week if some of the above options don’t have their best game. Each defense listed has given up at least seven to-18 finishes this season.

Matt Hasselbeck – facing the Steelers

Alex Smith – facing the Raiders

Jay Cutler – facing the 49ers

Blake Bortles – facing the Titans

Brian Hoyer – facing the Bills

Quarterbacks to Stream Confidently

These quarterbacks fit the bill nicely to stream in your QB2 spot this week. Each quarterback is facing a defense that has given up seven top-18 finishes, and I’d give a little more upside to Ryan Tannehill and Ryan Fitzpatrick, although Kirk Cousins has been a top-nine quarterback in three of his last five starts.

Ryan Tannehill – facing the Ravens

Matt Ryan – facing the Buccaneers

Matthew Stafford – facing the Packers

Ryan Fitzpatrick – facing the Giants

Kirk Cousins – facing the Cowboys

Brock Osweiler – facing the Chargers

Tyrod Taylor – facing the Texans

Quarterbacks with Tough Matchups

I’d rather have the streaming options above over most of these guys. I’m not expecting more than a QB2 ceiling for these guys, mostly based on the defenses they’re facing.

Jameis Winston – facing the Falcons

Philip Rivers – facing the Broncos

Eli Manning – facing the Jets

Carson Palmer – facing the Rams

Quarterbacks to Stream Cautiously

I’d rather not stream these guys based on results so far, even though the defense they’re facing may provide opportunities for them to finish as a stream-able quarterback. Derek Carr and Drew Brees land here because they have the talent to be a top option each week, but each face a defense that usually is stingy against quarterbacks. However, there are worse options than this group to stream if you can’t avoid these guys.

Teddy Bridgewater – facing the Seahawks

Derek Carr – facing the Chiefs

Drew Brees – facing the Panthers

Mark Sanchez – facing the Patriots

Blaine Gabbert – facing the Bears

Quarterbacks to Avoid

Yikes, I feel bad for you if you have to dip down this far to start a QB2 – don’t expect much from these guys.

Austin Davis – facing the Bengals

Matt Cassel – facing the Redskins

Matt Schaub – facing the Dolphins

Rams Starting Quarterback – facing the Cardinals; I’m completely avoiding Nick Foles and would still group Case Keenum with everyone on the avoid list as well


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