College Football DFS: Making The Kessler Run In 12 Parsecs (Late Games)

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Let me start by saying that this late slate of College Football DFS is not great. It’s okay and good enough to shove your money into but it’s nothing to get too excited about. I don’t like covering so many players from the same teams, but unfortunately, that is what happened here. I really just tried to get the most out of this slate as neither of the big sites gave us a solid one. Both are without Oklahoma/Tennessee because it’s at 6pm (bogus reason I know) and that was going to be one of the heaviest targeted games for DFS players. Complaining isn’t going to get us anywhere though so let’s just get into it.

I dedicate the horrible pun in the title to @RSandersDFS

quarterbacks: – as usual it’s “pay for your QBs” but there’s one sneaky value play I like

Dane Evans – Tulsa
[DraftKings – $7800 | FanDuel – n/a | FantasyAces – $5250 | DraftDay – $18050]
– Here I am again recommending Dane Evans for Saturday. Evans did not disappoint last week with 424 yards and 2 touchdowns. The two interceptions didn’t help, but hopefully that was just a couple minor hiccups while they continue to adapt to this new offense. This week they match up with New Mexico and this game has a 75.5 over/under (as of this writing, it’s actually gone up about 3 points since my initial research). That means points will be scored and they will be scored often. Evans is the centerpiece of the offense and this week will be a great showcase for what him and this offense can do.

Cody Kessler – USC
[DraftKings – $9500 | FanDuel – $9500 | FantasyAces – n/a | DraftDay – $17200]
– If you read my early games article, you know that Deshaun Watson was my “super mega ultra obvious chalk play of the week” and you can consider Kessler the same for these later games. I’m pretty surprised the sites gave us this game, as USC was a 43pt favorite last time I checked, but here it is so why don’t we benefit from it? Idaho allowed 284 passing yards to Ohio last week and USC could quite possibly double that (I’d say triple it if I thought Idaho had a chance at keeping it close). There is some risk with Kessler as he may not play the whole game. He will get you a decent amount of points before he leaves but enough to validate his price, I’m not sure.

Josh Rosen – UCLA
[DraftKings – $8900 | FanDuel – $8000 | FantasyAces – $5700 | DraftDay – n/a]
– Wish I could say I had a ton of Rosen last week but I’d be lying. I really thought the Virginia secondary would hold the UCLA passing game in check but I was wrong. Rosen ripped them apart going 28/35 for 351 and 3 touchdowns. That’s pretty impressive for a true freshman against ANY defense. Rosen gets the chance to have EVEN BETTER numbers this week (for real, not joking) against UNLV. UNLV let a run-heavy QB (Drew Hare) go 21/26 for 360 and 2 scores. Rosen showed great rapport with his WRs (mainly Devin Fuller) and this week should be an easy week for this group to continue improving the timing and chemistry.

Driphus Jackson – Rice
[DraftKings – $5500 | FanDuel – $7500 | FantasyAces – n/a | DraftDay – n/a]
– I might be crazy or just I think I know what I’m doing more than I really do, but I am looking to Driphus Jackson as my value play at QB. I look at what Malik Zaire and Notre Dame did to this Texas defense and I say to myself, “why can’t Rice do something similar?”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Driphus will do as well as Zaire, but at such a low price, he doesn’t need to. This offense runs through Jackson, as evidenced by him having the ball for 32 of Rice’s 75 plays. They’re probably not going to score 56 points again, but Vegas only has this a 2-score spread. That means there’s a chance Rice hangs around longer than they’re supposed to in this game. When it comes down to it, I think any scoring Rice does, has got to come from Jackson.

other plays: Connor Cook (Michigan State), Tommy Armstrong (Nebraska), Vernon Adams Jr (Oregon)

running backs: – not a lot of value here, we’re going to have to pay for points

Zack Langer – Tulsa
[DraftKings – $6600 | FanDuel – n/a | FantasyAces – $5450 | DraftDay – $14850]
– Why Langer’s price didn’t go up more after last week, I don’t know, but I’ll gladly take the discount. He had almost half of his team’s attempts and made the most of them with 89 yards and 3 scores. The YPC is a tad bothersome (3.7) as it was against a not great run defense but I won’t be too worried as long as he keeps getting the carries and the touchdowns. UNLV let Joel Bouagnon run for 152 and 3 touchdowns. I think Langer can come very close to matching what Bouagnon did.

Jordan Howard – Indiana
[DraftKings – $7600 | FanDuel – $8400 | FantasyAces – $6100 | DraftDay – $15600]
– Jordan Howard continued his beastly ways from UAB in his Indiana debut. Howard got 20 carries and made the most of them with 145 yards and 3 touchdowns. Indiana comes into another nice matchup against FIU. While FIU did hold UCF to just 46 yards on the ground, Indiana’s running attack is a lot better than UCF’s and Jordan Howard is probably a top-5 back in the country. Hopefully last week’s “shootout” with Southern Illinois is a sign of things to come because if the Indiana defense can’t stop anybody but Indiana can score, Howard is going to see a ton of carries through out the year.

Tre Madden – USC
[DraftKings – $7500 | FanDuel – $7700 | FantasyAces – n/a | DraftDay – $12000]
– Tre Madden only received 12 carries in last week’s destruction of Arkansas State. Madden made the most of those carries, but in a blowout like that, 12 carries is not what we want. USC’s offense is of course focused on Cody Kessler (as it should be), so at Madden’s price comes an unknown workload. That’s very dangerous for your cash games. As for tournaments, I like him as a contrarian to Jordan Howard. The problem is we KNOW Howard is going to get around 20 touches (at least) and Madden’s we’re just not sure. The USC offense will have zero issues with Idaho so Madden will get his chances, it’s just a matter of whether or not he can make the most of them before the Trojans pull him.

Paul Perkins – UCLA
[DraftKings – $7900 | FanDuel – $7800 | FantasyAces – $5600 | DraftDay – $15550]
– Last week we got to see UCLA’s shiny new toy in Josh Rosen. The attention came off of Paul Perkins as he only received 14 carries. With a nicer matchup this week, I am hoping UCLA feeds Perkins more. He’s too talented to only get 14 carries, especially when he was getting 4.2YPC. This game will probably be out of hand quickly so I’m not sure of Perkins’ exact role but this matchup is too good to ignore. Some good news though is that he did have 5 receptions so he’s not being completely ignored. The opportunity for a big game is there, we just have to hope he gets the ball.

other plays: Madre London (Michigan State), Terrell Newby (Nebraska), Christian McCaffrey (Stanford), Royce Freeman (Oregon), Darik Dillard (Rice)

wide receivers: – We have to find some value at this spot to afford the top plays elsewhere

Aaron Burbridge – Michigan State
[DraftKings – $5000 | FanDuel – $6800 | FantasyAces – $4400 | DraftDay – $10350]
– Burbridge didn’t score a touchdown last week but at his super low price, he didn’t need to. Him having 4 catches for 117 yards was more than enough to help our lineups. This week his price has gone up but not too huge of an increase. That’s good because he is MSU’s #1 WR and they face an Oregon defense that gave up over 400 yards through the air to a Division II school. Burbridge should have every chance this week to put up big yards and score a touchdown.

Devon Cajuste – Stanford
[DraftKings – $4400 | FanDuel – $6300 | FantasyAces – $4650 | DraftDay – $10400]
– Talk about disappointing. Stanford as a whole was just down right blah against Northwestern. Hopefully that changes this week against UCF. Cajuste is a big talented WR that should be able to do whatever he wants against the secondary. The spread gives me hope as Stanford is a 19pt favorite. Hopefully Stanford has fixed whetever issues they had last week because Cajuste’s price is too good to ignore, and we need some value. Cajuste is option #1 for QB Kevin Hogan and they should be able to hook up frequently against a UCF defense that allowed 260 yards to Florida International (they’re not very good).

Jordan Payton – UCLA
[DraftKings – $5600 | FanDuel – $7200 | FantasyAces – n/a | DraftDay – $9950]
– Payton came into the season as UCLA’s #1 WR. That could change if Rosen continues to spread it around. However, I still think Payton will always be in conversation as either 1A or 1B (the other being Devin Fuller). UCLA plays UNLV (think I’ve mentioned that before) in what should be little more than a showcase of what UCLA can do. Payton is an important cog to this machine and this week should be no different. His price is lower than some other top options but he comes with a better matchup. The blowout factor is there but if UCLA throws it 35 times again, Payton will have to be a receipient of some of that.

Dwayne Stanford – Oregon
[DraftKings – $4800 | FanDuel – $5600 | FantasyAces – $5050 | DraftDay – $6850]
– Stanford had the longest catch of the day for the Ducks; helping him be the leading receiver with just three receptions. Oregon was very run-heavy in week one, and that will likely change this week as they play a Michigan State team who’s semi-notorious for run defense. MSU however did give up 365 passing yards to Western Michigan. The problem we face is that Western Michigan had one guy, Oregon has closer to six. Stanford is the cheapest of the ones who should see the field the most so he’s the Oregon WR I’m going with.

other plays: Jordan Westerkamp (Nebraska), Keevan Lucas (Tulsa – Top Play), Devin Fuller (UCLA), Josiah Price (Michigan State – TE), Ricky Jones (Indiana), Dezmon Epps (Idaho), JuJu Smith-Schuster (USC)

FantasyAces’ All Day Slate: Here are some guys basically only available if you play on Aces

QB Baker Mayfield, Kyle Allen, Patrick Mahomes
RB Nick Wilson, Jalen Hurd, Donnel Pumphrey, Brandon Ross
WR Devin Lauderdale, Josh Reynolds, Pharoah Cooper, Sterling Shepard, C.J. Prosise (listed WR on Aces for some reason)


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