Give me my Fantasy Football Two Quarterbacks!

This is my first attempt at doing fantasy football rankings. I don’t foresee myself doing rankings of any other positions. Due to the scarcity of 2QB information, I decided to create this monster. I also present my thoughts to accompany why I ranked certain players the way I did. Rankings are void of context, so if your league has a scoring system that departs from the norm or there is salary cap and contract length involved, it would really throw the ranking system off. Hope you can still find some use for this. I welcome any feedback or conversation about my rankings, as my goals of writing is always to facilitate conversations.

Ranking Name Team Comments
1 Andrew Luck Indianapolis Colts
2 Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers
3 Cam Newton Carolina Panthers Was a top 5 QB before last year. I had also anticipated that he would finish well outside of the top 5 last year due to injury. So coming back with no late off-season surgery and with youth on his side, Cam is easily my 3rd QB
4 Russel Wilson Seattle Seahawks
5 Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers Departing a bit from my usual youth movement, but I have confidence that he’ll get an extension, which makes him a top 10 QB to own and have job security
6 Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons Still can be considered in his prime, and has the confidence of the team to stick for next 2-3 years, with production to back him up.
7 Ryan Tannehill Miami Dolphins His extension gave me confidence that the team is heavily invested in retaining him, and now he has added weapons to build on his 4000/25+ TD stats
8 Matthew Stafford Detroit Lions Age and production, let’s me rank him this high, but he’s in danger of dropping, because I’m not sure Lions are going to give him the “confidence” extension
9 Teddy Bridgewater Minnisota Vikings Age/Upside/Job security, he currently has them all. This is based on the optimistic outlook that he can grow. However, I can also see him becoming more of a “safe” QB with a high-floor, low-ceiling, if he doesn’t develop further
10 Jameis Winston Tampa Bay Buccanneers I hate FSU, but I love transcendant talents. He’s special on the field
11 Tom Brady New England Patriots The one thing that’s holding me back from ranking him higher is the amount of years left of playing. He’s on his red carpet way to Canton. This also starts the safe tier of QBs. Players who you can count on as QB1 but not exactly excited about their trade values
12 Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys
13 Drew Brees New Orleans Saints There is a chance he retires in 1-2 years
14 Philip Rivers San Diego Chargers
15 Joe Flacco Baltimore Ravens This ends the tier of players I feel good about. Ideally starting from Flacco, owners would want these QBs are their 2nd or Superflex spot guys, but this is only ideal. There is a lot of risk involve, including high turnovers per game, bust rate, injury or lack of job security/danger of retirement
16 Blake Bortles Jacksonville Jaguars
17 Eli Manning New York Giants
18 Derek Carr Oakland Raiders Not convinced he is one of those guys who gets an extension because he’s going to lead the Raiders to playoff hopes, but rather they can’t let him hit FA because it is less risky to have to draft another QB using a high pick
19 Marcus Mariota Tennesee Titans This is more of a pessimistic ranking for me. I’m going to consider that he plays closer to his floor on most weeks
20 Colin Kaepernick San Francisco 49ers
21 Andy Dalton Cincinnati Bengals Feels like a guy you should trade away after September
22 Peyton Manning Denver Broncos The production will be there, and probably will outperform some of the guys listed above him, but the job security is not. If you do take him as your QB2/SupFlex, start studying up on the ’16, ’17 class QBs, because you’re almost guarenteed to replace him after this year
23 Carson Palmer Arizona Cardinals See Manning. Starting from this tier, many of these QBs that follow really have 1 year of prove-it left, regardless of what their contract says, because teams are willing to move on from them.
I would only consider these next 11 of players if I needed immediate production for the 2nd QB slot or SupFlex. Otherwise, I rather stash the players ranked 36th –
24 Sam Bradford Phildelphia Eagles Might see a bump if he does get the extension
25 Jay Cutler Chicago Bears Smoking Jay, let’s be real, even if he gets to a new team, the best you can probably hope with him is that he performs like Carson Palmer post-Raiders years
26 Ryan Mallet Houston Texans Something about him gives me a bit of hope he can earn an extension
27 Robert Griffin III Washington Redskins He looks like a square peg being mushed into a round hole…not pretty
28 Alex Smith Kansas City Chiefs Too low of a ceiling to put him ahead of the other boom/bust guys. If we’re digging at this tier, wouldn’t you rather have a boom/bust than a “safe” guy
29 Geno Smith New York Jets If my ranking system were to stay consistent on how I built it so far, he would be right behind Cutler or even Bradford. But at this point in the ranking, personal preference comes in to play sometimes
30 Nick Foles St. Louis Rams Even though I was probably the lowest on Foles, on film he did put up some wow-ing throws at times, but it’s almost as consisten as Geno Smith’s wow-ing moments
31 Brian Hoyer Houston Texans
32 Josh McCown Cleveland Browns
33 Buffalo QB Buffalo Bills Does not matter who starts, they should not be drafted any higher. I do think they will play collectively higher than consensus expectations, but until they sort out the mess, you can’t confidently spend a pick on any of them
34 Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns Ranking him here actually reflects my most optimistic expectiation for Mr. Manziel
35 Ryan Fitzpatrick New York Jets I actually have some hope he beats out Geno Smith, but what am I hoping to get from him realistically? The same stats he puts up in Tenn?
The QBs to follow are ones who are not expected to see playing time until the incumbent starters have retired/cut/gets injured. Most of these players I rather own as dynasty assets because they carry future trade values that the 11 players ahead of them probably won’t have
36 Jimmy Garropolo New England Patriots Probably would vault him ahead of Bradford if I was gambling on taking him as my 2nd QB and then spend the next pick on any of the 24th-35th ranked QBs to ensure I still have a QB to start after Brady’s suspension
37 Brock  Osweiler Denver Broncos Never been a believer, but he’s sat behind Manning for about 2 years, with 1 more to go. I think the hope is he has fixed most of his collegiate flaws by now
38 Brett Hundley Green Bay Packers Possibly the next Brock Osweiler. Stylistically, I think Hundley can really emulate the skill set of Aaron Rodgers. The mental component though is what I want to see Hundley get. Lot’s of upside here if you have the patience for 3-4 years
39 Garrett Grayson New Orleans Saints Perhaps one of the most telling draftee of what the organization is thinking. Grayson has some good fundamentals, but not exactly someone who I think has elite QB produciton in his future, but at this point who knows? All we know is he is not ask to start and sit back and learn from a Superbowl champ
40 Sean Mannion St. Louis Rams I just don’t have confidence whatsoever in Foles
41 Bryce Petty New York Jets He has trade value, that’s all the reason why he’s even ranked
42 Aaron Murray Kansas City Chiefs I still believe?

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